Psychologist or new Dr.?

I don't know what I need right now... Psychologist or new Dr.?? My appt went something like this. This is my annual check in for my diabetes. He did not check any of my BG numbers or ask how they were, no blood pressure or anything checked. Just asked if I was happy with how things were going,When I say no, he says I am fine...He tells me my A1c is perfect 8.8 (was 7.8 last December and I have had 3 more since and it is slowly going up) I was on trial run of a pill (trajenta) and had some unlivable side effects and tried to tell him, he just brushed me off and said to wait another month and see him. He didn't even let my dad finish telling him his concerns of me on it. Because I am not happy with how things are being done and I can't handle feeling like I have a flu from the time I took the pill and swelling in the neck and face, he says he has no time to do psychotherapy on me and suggests a psychologist to talk to.I talked to the endo who started me on this pill and she said I had a fair trial with it.(10 days) Said she would never let anyone stay on it with those side effects any longer If I couldn't handle it.
I quite it and start another next week. So what would you do??

I wouldn't bother talking about your diabetes to this ignorant doctor, but would tell him you and your endo are dealing with those matters. Not sure why you need a check in on your diabetes with someone who obviously knows nothing about the subject! Aside from his ignorance he is also rude and patronizing. Yep, new doctor if you need one for non-diabetes issues.

I'd run, not walk, away from that doctor.

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I agree 100%. I wouldn't see this guy and I wouldn't let a child of mine be treated this way, either.

One more vote to dump this idiot. Why would he have time to do psychotherapy when he didn't even have time to meet his minimal responsibilities as a primary care physician.


He's the one who needs psychotherapy, and more, not you! Hopefully you've talked with your dad about it. Find a new doc, and maybe write a note to this one telling him why you fired him!

I think your doctor needs a doctor :0
I agree with the other replies...maybe you can start scouting for another.

It sounds like new doctor time to me, too.

That sounds like a terrible dr visit, and a terrible dr.

You deserve better, way better.

I tx'ed w/ a GP for several years and my current GP seems pretty knowledgeable as well. If someone seemed like a huge idiot about diabetes, I'd take my business elsewhere. They are supposed to be experts and this guy sounds not only wrong but potentially negligent in that you are having what sounds like a serious reaction to strong medication and he's blowing you off.

I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a better visit with your doctor. To be honest, even if the Trajenta had worked, it would have only reduced your A1c on average about 0.5%. The real trouble is that your doctor won't spend the time with you and help you develop good ways of managing your diabetes. Your current doctor doesn't seem to be treating you well and from what you said before he has not been communicating very well with your endo.

I know that you have struggled with insulin and have had difficulty with all the calculations for bolus and that you really fear lows. I don't know whether any of these doctors (your current doctor or your endo) are going to be able to help you through this. What you really need is someone to help coach you through this. Someone who can help you simplify and figure out your diet. Someone who can help you with all these medications, with ways that you can take them properly and reduce any chances of mistakes. But the real challenge is that you really need to be using insulin, and you need help so that you can do that.

Maybe seeing a Psychologist who could help you deal with your (natural) fear of lows. But I think you really need to find someone who can help coach you, spend the time with you and develop a simple set of steps to improve your control. Is there a diabetes center near you? Could you see a diabetes educator?

The sad part in all this is that he says he has dealt with diabetics for 31 yrs and knows what he is talking about.He called me a PIB (pain in butt)for wanting better numbers,lower A1c and not being happy with how things are going so slow in my care. 3 months with him and I am not getting anywhere.My dad believes him and says I should look into seeing a psychologist because the Dr thinks so. We saw the diabetes nurse and dietitian the same day and when he told them that, they both thought about it for awhile and said if I want to they could get referral to one for me. So just because they are happy with how things are going, my dad says it is all fine and now he is worried...?
I have 3 other choices in the clinic and will try them...
I am needing a GP because my endo is so far away and I can only see her 1 trip a year. So she wants someone who can keep an eye on me for her, other wise I see her 4x a year and that is expensive to pay for the day trip.
so 2 Dr.'s gone in 4 months....yikes! :(

You need a new doctor.

I know we all hate to go doctor hunting, but I would definitely start looking right now. It appears this person has no tine for you, and really isn't invested as part of your care team, RUN while you can for a new doc

Sorry you're having to switch doctors again, hb, but you deserve good care. What bothers me the most about this doctor is not his lack of knowledge about Diabetes (and thinking he knows it all), but the way he disrespects you as a person. No doctor should call their patient a pain in the butt..ever. And no doctor should refer someone to a psychologist because they want better goals (than a "perfect" 8.8!!). That is implying that you are mentally unstable because you want better treatment! He is hiding his own inadequacies and lack of knowledge behind his scorn for you, imho and that is, clear and simple, abuse of power.

Nicely put.


I agree with all the other responses, definately think a different doctor is in order here if for no other reason than just the lack of respect and blowing off your concerns.

Ditto, what everyone else is saying....

remember, these doctors work for YOU! not the other way around. if they're not meeting your expectations, find someone else.

Thank You all for helping me see I am not as CRAZY as I was led to believe...he started to make me think maybe he was right. It doesn't help when 1 Dr. tells you one thing and the other says something totally different. I trust my endo very much.So now I have to find a Dr. I can trust just as much. I had an awesome Dr. for 4yrs!! I am sad he left. Hoping I can find the next best soon.