Pulsatile IV Insulin Therapy

Personally, I can tell you, on the treatment you eat the way you have been and you stay on you insulin regimen. That part of your life stays. But, many complicatione will very much improve. I have personally experienced, weight loss, great improvement in my fibromyalgia, improvement in neuropathy; the only exercise I could do a year ago was water walking, Now I can get alot of exercise,including bike riding, with my grand children! ! !
The biggest benefit for me------- I was dx with End stagge renal failure, told I needed to start dialysis. When I said I did not want to do dialysis, I was told to make arrangements with hospice. THat was seven months ago. Now my creatine level is almost normal, YES My A1c has dropped. I used to not recognize lows and make frequent trips to the ER. No, trips to ER in 8 months.
I am brittle,: 320, an hour later 58; 186- 20 minutes later 47, for no reason.
My sugar is slowly, not making those roller coaster trips.
I have energy, a year ago I rarely left the house, now I am driving again, I am going somewhere everyday.
At this pace I hope to reclaim my career in education.