Pump and cgm sites

So im just curious am i able to put my pump site and my cgm site on the same side of my stomach or rather within a few inches of each other say if i wanna sleep on my right side or think im prone to rolling onto it would it be ok for me to put the cgm site and pump site on my left side?

I usually put them at least 3 finger-widths apart from eachother (about 2.5" between the outer plastic of the infusion set and out plastic of the dexcom sensor). I believe it ends up being about 3" between the canula and the dexcom sensor wires Never had a problem… I toss and turn all night and generally don’t have an issue with pulling out the tubing or too many false readings on the dexcom.

I do the same thing. I sleep on my left side and put the CGM and Pump on my right side one above the other. I also use my arm and thigh do change it up with the pump.

I almost always have them on the same side, and sometimes relatively close to one another. I think they say 3 inches apart, but I’ve had them much closer, almost on top of each other, and never noticed a difference. I think they’re just being conservative with that.

I believe the reason for the 3 inch mark, is that if the insulin concentration becomes too high (lack of absorption), then the sensor may read the interstitial fluid in that area as having too low a glucose value. YDMV