Pump and Pets How do your pets react?

A month after I got my pump I went to visit my mother. Her dog would love to jump on the couch and sit next to me, allowing me to pet her and rub her tummy. Then unexpected “to the dog” Buzz, Buzz, Buzz from the pump “CHECK BG”. The dog jumps up from the sofa all freaked from the vibration of the pump. She will no longer sit next to me because of the pump. She can hear the vibration from the pump from the other side of the room.

When the pump vibrates only she can hear it and she will lift her head and look straight at me and say, you are making that buzzing noise again. I don’t like it. Stop it!

So tell me how do your pets react to your pump?

I have the Omnipod system, so I don’t buzz, and I’ve set it so it only beeps an hour bfore it’s set to expire (but I change them a day early so it never gets to that point) and when I first hit less than 10 units of insulin in the Pod. So on the rare occasion that I do beep, my Doberman completely ignores it. She’s so clingy & up my butt, I could hang 100 bells on my clothes and be jingling and jangling non-stop and she’d still be trying to get as close to me as physically possible lol

Mine gave one sniff and said… oh, not interesting. They are Jack Russell Terriers, so not much bothers them.

Can you maybe sit on the floor with her and offer to let her sniff the pump? Treat her if she makes any moves towards it. Do this enough and she’ll associate that buzzing with something good!