Pump and Sensor Burnout: Decision made

Yup, had to roll it before filling the shot. I was able to mix it with the other. I was on two shots a day. One in the morning and one before dinner. Always had issues with controlling BS that way. Always went low and high throughout the day.

They have social security disability if you go disabled. For unemployment they have a coverage you can get it is called cobra. They only problem is it is usually they cover 80% and you cover 20. Right now that is one of my biggest fears is if I become unemployed because that 20% can add up real quick.
The problem with the Obamacare is all the advancements we have today are because of the free market approach. If a company can’t make money they will not develop better treatments. The sad part is that is one of the reason why there have not been any types of cures made yet.

That is precisely why there will never be a cure from a drug company.

Is the Canadian system the same as the NHS? Or do you have to have insurance? Those that work in the UK pay National Insurance (for pensions and the NHS) and EVERYONE has access to the NHS whether working or not.

CGMS is even rarer than pumps here.

I have never used a CGMS, but I have been pumping for just over 6 years. I like the pump and as I am nearing the end of my first pregnancy, I definitely see the value of having varied basal rates throughout the day. But I still consider going back to MDI someday and I think that I will give it a 3 month trial at some point.

Here is a blog post that I wrote about my pump vacation a few years ago. It was pretty much written to convince myself to keep pumping because life without the pump seemed good too :slight_smile:

I am going to agree with you on the drug costs and you maybe right about the quality. I can only go by what the old folks and tend to come down here from there say. Great to hear about phone service these day. Have they gotten running water yet? Please don’t take those jives seriously. The main reason why I will always defend the American system is where do all these treatment plans and gadgets come from to make our lives easier? They are designed, developed here because of the profit motive! No one will invest serious amounts of time to develop something and not get anything in return for it, but like I said above that is the most likely reason why we will never see a cure for it.
Most research is done by companies for treatments. The government will only give research money to companies. So, we are in a catch 22!

I would like to encourage you to take a break. Just try MDI for two weeks. You could learn that MDI works for you too. Or you will learn to appreciate what was really good with the pump. In both cases a good learning experience.

I personally would recommend to try two shots of Levemir daily instead of using one shot of Lantus. I repeat that like a Mantra in this forum. I am convinced that many pumpers will develop absorption problems. This will impact how the body is covered with basal insulin. The switch to good basal coverage can dramatically improve BG control in this situation. This is why I also recommend to use Levemir instead of Lantus. With Lantus you could have doubts if one shot will cover 24 hours. But with two shots of Levemir it is rare that 24 hours are not covered. Only with good basal coverage the comparision of MDI and pumping will be fair. Only then you will know and experience the real potential of MDI. After that you will gladly return to pumping or I can welcome a new user of the Glucosurfer ;-)

About the CGMS I am still undecided. I think its use has the potential to drive people into mental dependency and anxiety over the numbers. For now I have decided to better trust my senses.


I guess they can say there was dancing involved! Are the Canadian drug companies independent companies or are they just subs from here? I could see them driving up there with skis. I guess stupid is as stupid does. I live in Fl, so a lot of your retires come down here every winter and just tell of horror stories about waiting months for treatments and not being able to get the devices they need. I know the drugs are cheaper because they buy in bulk. The same way Wal-Mart is here doing today. I wish they tried that here with insulin. I have insurance, so I don’t pay full retail price, but while I was picking up my insulin today I asked the clerk to look up the price with out. I almost fell over. Lantus is 115 a bottle and the novalog pens are 125

The other sad part is the length of the patents for the drugs. It used to be a lot shorter and when it ran out we could get a generic brand, but they did a way with that ten years ago. When I was first dx in 83 the price for regular and nph was like 50 a bottle. Before I switched to novalog and lantus 11 years ago they were 12 a bottle.

There’s research & development going on in other countries as well. Not a nice assumption that only the “American system” is involved with treatment plans & gadgets. Living Cell Technology’s DIABECELL (AU) is doing pioneering work http://www.lctglobal.com/ towards diabetes & other chronic diseases.

Gerri, it is not an assumption. If you look at patent filings and holdings you can see a clear picture of where most advancements come from. Also I hope this works. I have been waiting 30 years for a cure like that, but 5 years ago Israel had a few breakthroughs that are all seemed to disappear.
But then again if it does work it will take years for it to be approved here so I guess we will meet face to face in NZ getting it! That would be a great holiday for all of us!

Totally. I actually went on a 4 month pump holiday last year after exclusively using minimed for the past 10 years. I used Lantus and humalog. I did still use my Dexcom sensor though. I couldn’t give that up. But occasionally on a sensor change day I will not put a new one in for a day or two to have a break from information overload.

I started a holiday 2 years ago, but have not yet returned from it. Thinking of going back to the pump and maybe the CGMS.
It was worth the time off to rethink the pump.

Sorry I can not resist. Where do you think Insulin was invented?? Believe it or not, it was not a US invention! (hint: Banting and Best)

Yeah, I know. When I was a kid I watched the movie about they guy that invented it. Too bad most healthcare people today are not like that. If they were many more options, if not cures would be around.
I was in a discussion a few months back with a friend about the last time a cure or vaccine was invented. It has been a long time since. With all the great inventions in the past 35 years not many were for the human body except viagra. Most of the rest were just remakes of past ones with slight improvments. I think the last real one was for chicken pox.

I only used MDIs for 5 months and started the pump for 3 months and I am already on my first pump holiday. haha I started because I was ill-prepared and ran out of vial insulin and was in a situation where I had to start using my pens. In an effort to not waste money, I am using the pens until they run out. At first I loved the pens again- not having something tethered to me, not having to find a place for it everytime I change, shower, etc But now I am hypo a lot, have painful injections, and remember how annoying it is to get my pens, wash my hands, and inject somewhere (I work at a busy clinic so this is quite time consuming). As soon as my long-acting pen runs out I am hooking back up to my robot (pump)! I admit that the pens make me feel like my insulin is working more efficiently but I know that I have more control over my basal, bolus amounts on the pump.

As diabetics, can we really ever be happy with our treatment? Lesser of two evils?

I was on MDIs for over 45 years before pumping and could never take a break. I never want to go back to them so I plan on staying on the pump 24/7 until I can no longer afford it or I’m dead, whichever comes first. B-}

To each their own. I have T1 friend who almost always goes off pumping for weekends, which makes no sense to me but does to him.

So how did you feel after your break? did you notice a difference with your BG control?

I was diagnosed in 1976 and was started on Lente twice a day. No mealtime insulin at all. I can’t remember then I started Regular with meals. Because we didn’t have home BG testing, I have no idea how high my blood sugars were most of the time. Probably very high…