Pump Beginnings


I finally bought a pump (with continuous glucose monitoring). I say finally because I have been diabetic for ~ 31 years. I have been on injections for most of that time although for a period of about 8 years I was on the Medi-Ject jet injector … much better than a needle, if the settings are right. Otherwise, insulin will puddle on the skin (crud … how much actually went in) or it goes deep and OUCH.

For my diabetic life I have been injecting about 5 times a day (only way to keep any kind of control) and exercising vigorously. That along with some blessings in cellular sustainability (my term) has put me here with no signs of diabetic complications. Needless to say as the work has increased so the exercise has decreased and the schedule makes it so that maintaining control is just more tedious (although diabetes always comes first). I suppose I also really want to pull the A1C down to within non-diabetic range consistently and I believe the pump with some renewed vigor in exercise will make this happen.

More of my history later and definitely discussion on how my first week has been on the pump (well only on saline which totally sucks but better to practice without my control on the line).