Pump cannula infections after removal

Hi all
Hoping you might be able to help! The last 3 weeks I have had horrid problems with my pump cannula getting infected once I remove them. It scabs slightly to a head but is so tender that it usually has pus coming out within a few hours (sorry TMI!!!). I tend to put some savlon and a plaster on and they get better in a few days.
They never stay in longer than 3 days and I like to think I’m a very clean person! I use 8mm flexlinks with the Accu chek spirit.
Every time I remove the cannula I am always careful to not yank it out, I use antibacterial alcohol gel and put some savlon on straight away.
It’s happens about 80% of the time I’ve changed them in the last 3 weeks and it’s getting tiring! I ama bit run down at the moment as I am working loads but I don’t know if this is normal?!
Thanks in advance.

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I have pain and inflammation even with the steel needles but it’s much better with them. I change it if it becomes too painful. The plastic ones were terrible for me for this and constant kinking. I just wipe with alcohol after, put on pure aloe if it was a sensitive one and leave it open to the air.

Try using Betadine first. You can get Betadine wipes. Then wipe off the residue with an alcohol wipe. Do not use the gel alcohol

How long do you normally leave a cannula in place at a pump site? How has your blood glucose control been lately? Hyperglycemia is notorious for fostering and promoting infections. Do you often find yourself fighting other infections?

How uncomfortable for you :frowning:
When I first went on a pump after a while I developed an allergic reaction to the infusion set cannula I was using. It would itchy and be painful, red and uncomfortable. Changed infusion sets obviously!
I wonder if something like that is happening but you’re only noticing upon removal?
Otherwise, like everyone else…are your levels running higher?

I also agree with the thought that maybe the blood sugars are higher than they usually run. And for some it does take much to throw the body chemistry off. And maybe your body has decided to not “like” the infusion sets you are using. It might be worth the time to try a different infusion set. Many companies will send you samples or your doctor, CDE or pump trainer could. Good luck because now with infections that may cause more blood sugar issues. Hang in here.

I do much better with steel sets (Sure-T) than cannula-type sets which I used for too many years. Once in a while, I’ll get red/swollen with a Sure-T, but the incidence of that happening is so much less than with Teflon cannula sets. Most often, with Sure-T’s there’s no irritation wearing them, no redness or swelling. Oh, and if a Sure-T is in a spot that is irritated, I can move it to another location and cover it with IV3000. You can’t move a cannula set.