Pump cases

Interested in the types of pump cases others use for exercising. I will be starting on the pump soon and need something to use for when I’m mountain biking that can go under a jersey and provide a little protection in the event of accidents. Right now I’m looking at a Spibelt but am open to any suggestions from personal experience.

Spibelts are very useful for wearing your pump, but not sure how much protection that thin nylon would be in the event of an accident! You don’t say what model pump you are getting. I just got a Ping and they give you one free “skin” when you get your Ping. They are a rubber covering that go over the pump. I never use mine, because I find it annoying, but I’m not physically active and in need of a way to protect the pump. Btw I’ve dropped my Ping several times already and it seems very tough!