Pump & Cell Phone

I remember that in my first dates of having my pump my educator told me to keep my pump away from cell phones. Does it affect it for real?

For my self, I always have my cell in the other side, so if my pump was on my left side I will place my cell phone in my right pocket. Do you do the same?

It did for me. It wiped out an entire day of information.

I have an HTC touch pro from sprint and a 722 MM pump. I have no problems at all having them side by side. I’ve done this for years.

WoW, I use Cozmo to, need to keep an eye on that! Thanks

I place mine right next to each other - have not had a problem (in the whole month I have been pumping lol) It feels weird having somethig on both side. I bump into enough corners with just one side alone - but good info - I will find out if it has any effect

I did not have my cell phone in it’s case when I was wearing it I had it in a pouch with a metal clip. The metal clip may have been the problem.

What did the company said or your diabetes people (Endo, educator…)?

I found out the hard way. I found out when I was trying to download the information to the computer and there was no information to download. I called the pump company and this was the first that they had heard of it happening. They just knew that for some reason your pump and cell phone should be at least six inches apart. They could not tell me why.

The only explanation I have been able to get was either the radio waves, the clip being magnetic or possibly static electricity because I was sitting in a nylon chair that had a lot of static.

I don’t make any effort to keep them apart.

No matter what I do though, parties, lunch, dinner, private time, I can’t get them to even talk to each other. It’s like they don’t even recognize one another. They’re both my friends and I’d really like them to be friends, too. What can I do?


I have a Treo phone/palm by Sprint and the Minimed 522. Many times I wear them next to each other and have never had a problem. As a certified product trainer with Minimed, I have never been advised to teach patients about any concerns either.