Pump color question

Does anyone have the clear MiniMed Revel? Does it turn an ugly yellowish color after awhile? I am trying to decide between the smoke color and the clear pump.

The circut board in the case will yellow over time. It doesn't look like that new. I think its from sun fade. It'll happen gradually, like scratches on the display.

I started with a clear pump. After warranty expired they upgraded me to a 523 pump in smoke, saying if I didn't like it that I could exchange it- so this SHOULD be an option for you too. I did exchange it for a clear 522 pump.

The clear case does not yellow. Just the circutboard inside.

I got my clear back in January, which may not be enough time for any change but, to me, it looks the same as when I got it. Of course, I am looking at it during the evening under lamplight! Perhaps someone with an older one will reply.