Pump color?

so, I am getting a new pump, i just need to call to order it and let them know what color to send, I really really wanted blue but was advised not to due to heard problems with blue pumps so that is no longer an option so now =( so now i don’t care… I can’t seem to decide on black(which I wear all time and afraid it might blend into my pants too much idk) or silver that’ll match the meter/remote i know there is now right answer but since i have to see it next 3/5 years or so I feel like there is lol just so unsure can’t settle on color so I am taking a poll
what color should I get black or silver???

I think it kind of depends if you want it to be incognito or not. If you want it as low profile as possible, I’d go with the black. Otherwise I’d go with silver.

Just my $0.02


I got a clear one, but keep it in a black pump case.

Tough call. I have had a gray one, two blue ones, and now a black one. I got black so it would match my iphone and my laptop and go with everything. Now, I miss having a colorful one!

Silver might show more scratches. I vote black since you seem to like to wear black. But either way, I bet you’ll be happy. Go with your gut!

I say black. I wish they had a bright safety orange one. XD

I got the clear, but use cases to accessorise. I have denim ones and painted them with glitter, colours and such. Always better to keep the pump plain, and case it up in style.

Wondering if GILTY COUTIOUR makes a gold-plated case like they do for my iPhone…?

I’ve been kind of bored with the black myself so if it were me, I’d go with silver. Again, it’s completely your call - a plain black background for customizing might be right up your alley. Depending on what kind of pump you go with, there may be skins/cases/stickers you can add to punch it up if it’s too plain…

Hello! I got royal purple. What brand are you going with? What did you have before this one? I would say black. But just remember its with you all the time. Unti you can update it again. Best of luck. And let me know what you choose. Also what you name your pump,mine is Pumpy. bye:)

I agree with Brian…I would wear a bright safety orange pump, myself. Easier for Medical emergency personnel to see. I ordered black, too…ho, hum! But black is slimming!!!

animas and i have been on the h-tron plus the whoile time pumping/8 years so it time for an upgrade and learn all the nice smart boluses and insulin on board and all that jazz plus have an option of getting more accurate insulin with out over kill cuzz right now I can only do half units so like half a unit or one whole unit no in between so I tend to bolus less so yea ughh I still don’t know which to pick lol

I got a smoke gray I would go for black if my choice was silver or black It will go with everything silver is not that friendly. Want color buy a skin then you can change it based on your mood.
Good luck

The great thing if it is a MM is you can buy cool colorful skins. I have a animas 2020 so I had a few more options.

hey Joy,

I’m getting an Animas too…I’m going with Pink. They have five colours, why are you limiting yourself to two?? What did you hear about the blue? What problems does your pump colour cause?