Pump, Day 1

Day 3 and lookie what ive been able to do

1829-photo1.JPG (852 KB)

Great job ! Congrats you should be very proud of yourself, enjoy the weekend.

It looks like you have the hang of it!!

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That's a magic line! Be careful, you may get addicted to such great control!

Baby Tee, you can do trials on them, see which one you like. I was on MM and really did not like the tubing (that's just me). I got the new, smaller version of Omnipod, tried once, had allergic reaction to adhesive and barrier wipe..but we figured something else out for my skin and restarted Omnipod POD on Wednesday. I can't even feel the POD, it's the size of a large strawberry, that's it, you put insulin in the pod and stick it on. it does not come off, BG's have been great. I can sleep on it, shower with it, etc...Insulet folks have also been wonderful.