Pump Delivery!

I ordered my pump put and im not sure when its going to come. Can anyone tell me how long a pump usually takes to get to your house? I just ordered mine but I still want to know when it will get here. Some people told me 3 weeks and others said one week. It seems like such a looonnnggg time for it to come. Im sooo impatient and im driving my mom crazy about it!

!tHaNkS sO mUcH~


LOL, I felt the same way when I was waiting my Pod (Omnipod) to arrive. My pumped arrived about 6 days after I rec’d the final call from Insulet (Omnipod). It will arrive before you know it.

Name for a green ping: Greenie, Moola, G-Money (green and it cost a lot of money) lol

Let us know when it arrives.

I got mine in 2 days. Call the company and ask them, they should know.

Don’t know, but congrats! It can be sooooooo torturous when awaiting delivery of a new toy! I get my new power chair tomorrow!!

Be patient!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

awesome! You’ll loooove your pump!