Pump/injections? How did you learn? Help!

Okay, well, I’m going to split this blog into two parts. Mostly because I’m too lazy to post separate entries (:

Firstly, I was curious the other day to know how other people realize they’re diabetic (or at least that something is wrong and to get checked). In my boyfriend’s case, he was six years old and living in Jacksonville, FL. His parents were driving the six hours to go visit his grandfather in Pensacola, FL and he was continuously drinking and peeing, roughly a gallon of water both in and out, as he described it to me. His mother is and was a nurse and therefore knew the symptoms of diabetes and knew to take him to a hospital to get the official confirmation (which, obviously, put their trip behind by about a week). Also, he has gone back and forth between the pump and injections and has told me on many occasions, though he knows he has an easier time in terms of controlling his diabetes with the pump, he prefers injections because of his lifestyle. He is very allergic to medical tape the the sticky stuff that attach the cord to his site (forgive my lack of technical terms) always comes off if he sweats to any significance or goes swimming/uses a hottub. He loves to be active and enjoys swimming, also he part of the marching band at our college and we’re out in the heat a lot for that. So its quite an issue. So this half of my blog leaves me with two questions for you guys: 1) How did you find out you were diabetic? 2)Do you prefer the pump or injections and why?

Second part. Okay. On my mother’s side of my family, we have a family history of both hypoglycemia and depression ((and my mother had gestational diabetes)). I was confirmed to continue the depression part when I was 13. After being with my boyfriend for several years and learning how diabetes/hypoglycemia, I have all but medically officially confirmed I have hypoglycemia. I have passed out several times in my life, all before lunch time. Before these incidents, I have the same feelings I have if I go a while without eating or if I’m particularly active, after sex, or sometimes just between meals (like at 3 in the afternoon): shaky hands and weak legs, disorientation, moodiness, anxious (fast heart beat, sweating, and, well, just an anxious feeling), crying for no real reason, an extreme hunger feeling (even if, in like half the cases, I’ve eaten recently), and lightheaded. Last summer, at band camp, I was in the drumline. We were tracking (which is basically marching down the street, playing music, just to get our marching with playing) and got about a mile away from the school. We took a break because I was feeling all these symptoms and the guy next to me was about to collapse from a weak back. We continued going though, and the drumline instructor seemed to not really listen to what I was saying. We were about 3/4 a mile away from the school and it was 12:15 when we were told we could go to lunch. I made the trek back and waited in line for the cafeteria, damn near blacking out again. My band director came up to me and asked if I was okay, and I explained I felt like my blood sugar was really low and he let me cut line (we had to swipe our college IDs to get in, so I got to skip that step) and got me some OJ. About 10 minutes after the OJ, I was feeling much better, and after eating, back to normal. That, for me, was the biggest, most obvious personal confirmation that I really am hypoglycemic. Now, here’s the issue, my folks think I “want” to have this problem because my boyfriend is diabetic. They think its not necessary to get a doctor to check me out and that I don’t really have a problem. I have asked to have a doctor check me out several times now. What is your opinion? I recognize all of you face low blood sugar regularly. How do you think I can convince my parents?

short question/answer to part TWO …1) do you need parental advise to see a doctor ?? 2 ) yes , have yourself checked by a medical person .I had simelar symptons 30 years ago as you ; got diagnosed with diabetes in the early eighties.

The problem is that they’d be paying for it all since I’m 18 and still under their health insurance

Darn …I guess living in Canada( me ) is the big difference ?? I hope someone comes along with directing you in the right direction …

The "treatment " I was told( years and years ago ) for hypoglycemia is 6 small meals of nutritious substance daily…almost sounds too simple , does n’t it ?

Haha, Yeah, I read the same thing, plus strongly recommended that there be medication (though I’m not sure what it would be)

Sarah,have U ever tried checking your blood sugar with your boyfriend’s meter when you are feeling low?. Check your blood sugar before you treat it ( with juice, milk, glucose tabs, whatever) and then check it 15 -20 minutes after you consume the carbs. Write down the pre-test blood glucose, treatment, and post test glucose for each event. document what activities led up to the low bloos sugars. That should give you some ammunition ( documented scientific evidence)to see a doctor if this happens two or three times. Will your Boyfriend be able to spare six test strips?

God Bless,

Absolutely, he let me try it once a couple months ago. At the time I was 65. I think I will try that to persuade them, thanks so much!