Pump is Here! Waiting on Training

Ok so I have been looking thru these manuals that came with the pump. Overwhelming to say the least! My brain is on overload. I have to take a carb class Wednesday and there we will set up the rest of the training. I am anxious to get started but nervous I will mess up!

I love my pump. The amount of information is intimidating but, once I got going, it all sort of made sense and illuminated a lot of stuff I'd been guessing at. Things fell into place for me and I hope they do for you too!

hey there marmee2two, i too have recently recieved my pump and am waiting my training. may i ask as to what pump you recieved? i have the MM revel 723, and the booklets are incredibly understandable, the info is a bit on the excessive side but not too bad(my .02). if you need any help, im sure there are plenty of people(including myself) willing to answer most if not all of your questions!
hope all goes well...