Pump Issue - Not Scar Tissue!

I posted last night that all of a sudden I felt this lump in my abdomen and said it was not pump related because I had just begun using saline in my pump yesterday and it wasn’t right at the infusion site. Well duh…that was kind of a coincidence wasn’t it!

Just now I disconnected and took a bath. Surprise! No more lump! I just reconnected and will see if the lump appears again in the spot a couple inches from the site. I am pumping saline now, .52 an hour basal and my trainer instructed me to practice doing “boluses” before my meals. (I of course am still injecting insulin). So does this sound like the saline was pooling into a lump for some reason under my skin? I know it was all set up right because the trainer walked me through it. Any ideas?

Could be! Sometimes insulin can pool and cause lumps (watch out for these when you do start pumping with insulin - when I get these (which is rare, but it DOES happen), I change my site right away; pooling insulin means I’m going to get it in a delayed way so I’ll be high when I need it and later I’ll go low when it finally disperses…)

Scary! Leave it to me to get something rare the first time out! I’m glad it’s happening now while I’m still on saline. I’ll mention it to the trainer when she returns. Thanks

If you do have pooling, as Kari notes that can cause significant variation in absorption. You may find that your choice of insertion set makes a difference in pooling. Perhaps others with experience with pumping can help.

Thanks, bsc It hasn’t reoccured since yesterday, but I definitely am going to mention it to the Pump Trainer when she comes Saturday to put me on insulin.