Pump issues

I’ve been pumping almost 16 years now. I had never had an occlusion alarm from the pump. Until today. I have been using the abdomen area for infusion sets since the beginning and thought I would look for “new real estate”. Inserted infusion set in my thigh this morning and the first time I bolused, I got an occlusion alarm. Changed site to abdomen due to the swelling in my thigh. All is well now but is extremely frustrating.

Perhaps you hit some muscle. I’ve had a lot of success with my back, just above the belt-line on either side of the spine. It’s around the corner from the “love handle” area. I’ve had great and consistent absorption for the last 18 months or so. Have you tried this area?

Do you have trouble reaching that area? I’ve heard others talk about that spot but it seems like it would be hard to get at.

I’m taking a pump break right now, but when I was pumping I used the Inset infusion sets with the built-in inserter. I had no trouble inserting the set. It took my a little effort to disconnect and reconnect the quick disconnect feature. I learned to do that by feel.

After using the area I think I could easily insert a manual infusion set. It’s not ideal like the abdomen but I quickly learned how to do it once I saw how good the results were. Perhaps a mirror could help when you start.

I routinely use my legs, but my feeling has always been that it is easier to hit muscle there. I am able to find spots that work for me, but I’m usually more careful to feel around for areas that feel more “loose” which I think indicates more fat than muscle.

I have been switching to that area lately. I used to use the love handle area also, but I’m more confident these days in finding a “fatty” spot if I move a little behind the LH. But I also don’t want to go too far behind both because it’s difficult to reach and also because I don’t want to be sleeping on my infusion site.

The other problem I have with this area is I tend to insert too low and end up with the infusion site too close to or even under my belt line. I prefer not to wear it that way, so I try to remember this when I insert.

I doubt I would be able to insert in that location if I was not using an inserter. I can position and use the insertion device with one hand.

Been pumping for about 25 years now and I also have only had problems when I use my thigh. Not sure why, but I have always used the upper and lower stomach areas and have started with the hip, buttocks and back areas to just keep things fresh. I may try the leg again but that is the one spot that I seem to get an alarm or bent cannula. Good luck finding new ground to explore.

I have a hard time with thighs as it is my leanest site, about a 30% fail rate so I keep a close eye right after insertion. I’ve managed to have good luck working upper arms, triceps area with mini med quick sets.