Pump Jinx

ok, so last night I wasnt feeling right so I kept over checking and deciding if to do temp basal for a while and my husband comments I dont like you on that pump, you are relying on a computer basically to survive, btw Ive been on a pump for 12 years. So this evening all of a sudden my pump goes nuts, alarms and stats bad button and froze!! I call minimed and yup something malfunctioned and the pump can not be used and new one will be sent out tomorrow. What are the odds of that one? I called my husband the pump jinxer. For the first time in I dont know how many years I did what I call a large shot of Lantus for the night and already a small shot of novolog to cover a high. I am lost already without my pump, its a machine but its my machine;)

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, and your husband must never speak the word pump aloud again. :slight_smile:

I will make sure to keep him away from Forrest Pump. I hope your new pump arrives swiftly. My pump broke about a year ago and it was frustrating and stressful to switch back to lantus. I hope you are managing well.