Pump Nick Names

I have a nic name for my pump besides being my BFFE
Nag is what I call mine. Because it is nagging me all the time to test or BG is dropping or climing.
Would love to here your nick name for yours.

My pump is opheila and my CGMS is Hamlet

Have not nick named my CGMS

I don’t use a pump. But I call my lancing device Vlad the Impaler, after the historical figure said to be behind the Dracula legend.

I refer to my pump as “The Machine.” I joke with my son that I am becoming an artificial human, esp. since using the Dexcom 7 and a pump.

I call my Pod, Polly POD…lol when my pod starts alarming my 2 year old says mom polly pod is peeping…hahaha

The first time my wife heard me say nag nag nag she said "WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!’

My Grandson is 2 when he hears it Poppa nag nag nag…lol

Mine is PUMPY SHE IS 722 MINIMED. She means Roylity because she is purple. She is truely the best thing since March94 When i was dx. diabeticidol94

My pump is Fredwilma Pebbles and my meter is BamBam :slight_smile:

You gave me this ideal. I agree Nag is the best thing since I was dx. back in Dec71 took me 35 years to get one. Must have been living under a rock.

My pump is nicknamed Duck for 2 reasons.
1.) This is the nickname of someone who helped me get it.
2.) It follows me everywhere I go. Sorta like a little duck.