Pump or not?

I have been on Insulin only since August and my dr. just recently put me on a additional Insulin, so now I give myself a shot before all 3 meals. The Lantus in the a.m. and Novolog before lunch and dinner. I feel like a pin cushion! I am wondering if the pump is a better way to go. It seems like it would be easier to manage your doses and B.S. that way. Any comments?

Can’t say anything about pumping… I was dx’ed aug./08 and have always been on MDI. I do 30 lantas in the morning and novolog at about a 2units for every 15 grns. carbs. I do well on control, but hate being a pin cushion also, it’s SUCKS!!!(pardon me)LOL The big thing I see about the pump is you only insert every 3 days, sounds good to me.

Hi Helen, definitely a big decision. I’ve been type I for 26 years and resisted getting a pump for a while, but decided to go for it eight years ago with a Minimed (Medtronic) 508. I upgraded to the 722 a couple of years ago and added the CGMS (continuous glucose monitoring) device about a month ago. I can tell you that the insulin pump is definitely not an easy way out and does not resolve bg issues without effort. The trade-off for multiple daily injections is that the device is always attached to you. At the time I went to the pump, I already had 19 years of multiple daily injections, so at that point they was as routine as shaving, so better control was my main motivation. I will tell you that the pump does allow you a lot more flexibility on meals. If you develop a good basal/bolus regimen, it will provide you with much tighter control and fewer peaks. It makes a huge difference when using the dual wave bolus on complex carbs. I recommended the pump, if you are willing to put the required effort into optimizing the plan and keeping it up.

Helen, I’m right there with you. My GF has been after me to get a pump for about three years. In my experience, I the treatments I postpone are usually the ones that help me the most. I’m thinking of an omnipod. No tubes. Plus we’re pretty active. So it makes sense to me. I just am sick of the rollercoaster highs. Lows havent been much of an issue for me. Will let you know if I find anything interesting out there.

Helen, do it. I went on the pump two months ago. I been D for 11 years, T2 on MDI for 1 and meds and assorted injectables for the rest of the time. But the six times a day sticking yourself with a needle gets old. No more highs or lows now that I’m tuned in. I have the MM722. I use Novalog insulin. I was using almost 200u of Lantus and Novalog a day and now I am only using about 100u a day for both basal and bolus. You cut your insulin usage by a lot. You can eat like Joe said when you want because the pump gives you the basal insulin in micro dosages 24 hours a day. Just gota watch the carbs. Good luck on your decision.