Pump pain

Does anyone else have difficulty finding places on their stomach for their pumps? I am noticing that I feel the insulin when I bolus now. I'm not enjoying that feeling and my stomach looks pretty beat up. (I've been pumping for the past 7 years)

You can put the infusion site elsewhere. Arms, legs, hips, butts. Here is a link to the site location possibilities (my pump happens to be a MM so that is why I chose their info): http://www.medtronicdiabetes.com/customer-support/insertion-site-management/infusion-placement#locations

Thank you Karen. I have tried putting it in some of those other locations, but it seems to pop out. I can "pinch and inch" on my stomach, so I only go there. My doctor doesn't seem too confident in me putting it elsewhere. I might just need to get the smaller cannulas? Thanks for the reminder on locations, though!

You're welcome. That's a good idea, worth a try. Also, maybe try another kind of cannula. And if you try other places, do you tape it down? I hope you can get some samples to see if they improve your experience.