Pump, pods and insulin - anything else you recommend?

Hi Everyone,

My son and I are attending pump training next week. The pump and pods arrived today and we picked up insulin yesterday. Is there anything else you would a) recommend bringing to the pump training or b) recommend buying that we may need? I am reading about all kinds of adhesives and adhesive remover in discussions. I'm not sure whether we need these. Thoughts?

Thank you!

As far as to take for training, no. But if you can get some Opsite Flexifix tape (comes in a roll on Amazon for like, $20... lasts forever!) for pods that can be knocked or may need a bit extra security, and just keep some baby oil on hand for pod removal for the ones that are super stuck. :)

Im starting to think im the only one that doesn't use anything additional... I honestly have never had a problem with them sticking

It really is trial and error when you first start

With that said, I use a Q-tip to absorb any of the insulin that comes out of the fill port while priming. Also I try to get any extra out from under the needle cap when I remove it

Thank you. I will look on Amazon!

Good to hear (and we already have lots of Q-tips in the house!).

Yeah im not sure if my q-tip thing matters, but I haven't had any failures on the new system so far...and only 1 in the last 6 months of the last one

You may need to bring his blood glucose records with you as well as any dosing data.

I do not use anything additional for adhesion either. Good luck!

You're not the only one, I have had no issues with pods sticking. I do however use opsite flexifix to keep the dexcom sensor on, but that stays on for as long as it will last. My record so far is 25 days - the current one is now on day 16. So it needs a bit more adhesive.