Pump Prime

Has any one had any truble with there pump losing is prime? I was talking to a friend tonight and she is on her 2nd pump in 5 mounth due to this.
Just wondering if any else has had this happen.


I have the Animas Ping and it lost it’s prime randomly after having it for a month. I called Animas and they said it happens occasionally and isnt a problem as long as it doesnt happen constantly. It hasnt happend since then.

I’ve had the One Touch Animas Ping now for a little over six months and it has never lost prime. A couple of things to note here. Make sure your friend is giving a little extra push to ensure the cartridge sits down firmly against the piston when loading a new catridge. Many patients don’t do this and hence you will get a loss of prime. I have never had a loss of prime on a 1250, 2020, or One Touch Ping when following this simple step.


new to pumping only had the ping for 3 months lost prime only once the cap came unscrewed while moving need to make sure cap is on tight i quess it rubed it self loose lol other than that no trouble love it

I’ve had this happen at least 3 times since I got it in November. I wondered if it was just me.
Will have to try that trick next xhange.

I’ve had it happen, on and off. After it happened a couple days in a row once I called Animas. The rep told me that there are a number of reasons why it may lose its prime: sudden temperature change, being dropped, if the the battery cap isn’t tight enough, or if the cartridge end isn’t screwed in tight enough. There may have been one or two other reasons, I can’t remember. But since then whenever I’ve had it lose its prime, I can trace it to one of these things. The most common for me, with the very cold weather her in Chicago, is temperature. After I’ve been outside for a while, even though it’s inside my coat, it will often lose its prime.

What do you have to do to fix this problem. We have not gotten our pump yet - just ordered and should be here within the week . . .Should I ask our trainer about this? We also live in a pretty cold climate ( Charleston, WV) . I will watch for this. The pump will be on my 7 year old dd -who loves to run around (inside) with less than adequate clothes - tank top, and stretch pants - she makes me cold . . .so I would wonder if the cold thing could happen with her!
Thanks for the tips.

Hi there - I don’t have a Ping (will have to see how different it is from my 2020) - and haven’t had any probs with ‘Antonio Banderas’ losing his Prime (I got him last April). He’s put up with me banging him against the sides of my sail boat when we’re racing - and falling off my pants onto the floor. This pump was built for kids - so it’s gotten be able to take abit of abuse from time to time (especially with me ).

Hi Anna. I do not have the ping eather. It is only in the U.S right noe. it is the same pump as the 2020 the only dif. is that with the ping the meeter talks to the pump. i have not had any problems with my 2020 as of yet.


I know this is an older thread - but we have now been pumping for about a week. Since Monday with insulin. We had it happen 3 times during the saline trial. We have not had it happen twice since insulin. Once this morning while she was at school I had to walk her teacher thru re-priming. If it happens again this week - I may call animas - but I am also giong to try that trick mentioned above at the next cartridge change. Sat morning.


wait, losing prime? what? oh geez i must have missed that info in my training.

Can someone explain what loosing a prime is? The only time I prime is when I change my site and the tubing.

When you lose power to the Animas 2020, it has to be reprimed before it will work again. this involves rewinding the pump, reloading the cartridge, and then priming a small amout in insulin. It only take a minute or so and is no big deal. I’ve never lost a prime except when i take the battery cap off and (duh) lose power. It’s just like when you have to change out the cartridge. No biggie…

I wonder if it’s just the ping then. It’s driving me a little nuts!

I’ve been using a Ping for 3 weeks and I don’t think I’ve “lost a prime”. How do you tell? Is there an audio warning, or do you just look at the tubing or what?

It gives you a warning that it is not primed and gradually increases that warning until you reprime & fill canula. Trust me you can’t miss it. In fact, if you take out the reservoir and it tries to deliver the basal, you will get the same warning (I was showing my reservoir to my mom the first time I ever got the warning). Basically if the pump thinks it has stopped delivery of insulin for any reason, it requires you to prime the tubing, because it can’t tell how long it was stopped.

The only time I’ve lost my prime was during my saline week…when everything was knew to me.
Reasoning for it though was because my cartridge end had loosened. So i’m just in the habit of reaching down and tightening it every once in while.
Hasn’t happened since =]

I was reading another forum (where replies are closed) and you said,

“I seems that the PING is not avalabule out sde the USA right now. I live in Canada and Animas Canada can not tell me when it will be avalibule here.”

Actually, it was approved in Canada on July 16, 2009.

Go to onetouchping.ca