Pump Priming

Well I have seen a lot of topics but don't remember this one .

I have reviewed the EZ Manager Report that shows the number of units that were primed during infusion change and found my son has been priming between 15-20 units at each site change. Not sure what he is doing but it seems like when he does the prime feature he holds the button down and I will see more than 5 drops - sometimes 7 or 8 until it stop maybe more.

Do yo press the button each time for each drop or is it something you just have to get used to.

Also, what are your priming numbers - anyone usually prime more than 10 o 15 units each time they prime?.

I hold the button down until I see 5 drops, sometimes it’s 6. It typically says it was between 17-22 units. Seems like a lot, but I think that’s just how much it pushed through the entire tubing before it got to the 5 drops.

When I prime my son’s Ping I hold down the button until I see 1-2 drops (they come out very quickly) and then release it as soon as I can.

To answer your question: You hold the button down - you can’t “tap it”

It’s almost always 11-12 units. Not unusual at all.

My prime is around 10-12 units, sometimes more if I’m not seeing the drops properly or am not paying close attention… and it’s a continuous press until I see drops. Once you let go of the button it goes back to the menu.

Hey Keith - totally dependent on the length of the tubing, they all differ, and the manufacturer will tell you, by law, in the instructions. However, the easiest way is to simply see one drop come out - if it does, you know the tube is full. 18 inch versus 24 inch versus 30 inch etc

Now, the buttons - the Animas has a failsafe - first it asks you to hit the ‘continue’ button after you have hit the prime button - then it tells you to HOLD the button down until you see the drop comeout - you do not toggle it ever

Go through it with him once and you will both see it is a snap! Hold button, wait for one or two drops. That is all you need!

I am. It depends on the length of the tubing (which I replace each time I insert a new cartridge) I usually prime until i see it squirt out and that may be 12 units or so…

In the Owner’s book it states to press and hold until you see 5 drops. In the picture they use as an example it shows 23U PRIMED.

Same here Keith - you have to hold it till it drips my average is 10-12 units sometimes 15. Depends on if I left a air bubble in the cartridge.

43 years for me Rita - big handshake! My mom passed away a year ago and in her palliative care bed, ironically with pancreatic cancer at 88, she was still asking me if I made sure to bring my meter to the hospital. Yes, those are moms!