Pump reliablility questions

I’ve finally reached a point where I feel ready to start pumping. I’ve done a lot of research, and am currently wearing a saline filled MM to get an idea of how frustrating I will find wearing it. Honestly, I don’t mind it so much but I can see how it could annoy other people (specifically omnipod pumpers.)
I tried the dummy pod and liked it well enough, my main issue is that, far more than any other pump, you read about pods failing. While both can have issues with the sets and such, pods seem to be less reliable. Is this true or just a skewed perception? If you fill up your pod with the next few days worth of insulin and it fails, you loose that insulin right? That seems to be a big downside. I mean even really pro-pod-ers out there have commented often about losing a few pods in each batch. I guess what I’m wondering is which pump, in your opinion, is less wasteful and…less of a hassle. I know there are added difficulties and things to learn with the pump but in the end it’s meant to make like simpler or at the least more flexible. thoughts?

I think like a lot of things… you’re more likely to hear about problems with oids than all of the countless people who never have any trouble at all. You can pull insulin out of the pods, but you’re not supposed to do that.

I’ve just started back on an a pump and I went with the Animas Ping (I used MM before) and I’m really happy with it so far - I like the meter-remote a lot, since it makes it really easy to bolus. I was already using an UltraSmart meter so the interface is very familiar to me, which is nice.

There are a few things I don’t particularly like about the Ping, but they are all things I know I will get used to - it’s more that it’s unfamiliar. However, I can’t say that I experienced any different when I started pumping with MM - it’s an adjustment, no matter which you choose.

That said, I like the clip way better on the Paradigm compared to the Ping… but again, I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

Well pods fail, just like you said just like sites fail. It always seems like a bigger waste when I get a occulsion or it just fails for WHATEVER reason it wants. Pods fail just as often as sites do it just seems like a bigger hassle when it does fail in my opinion.There is always that one box that everyone gets that has like 2-3 bad pods in it which is EXTREMEMLY frustrating but I haven’t had a pod fail on me since March and I have been on the omnipod for year and a half. Total I have maybe had 8 pods fail or occulsion or whatever. If you are worried about that you can call omnipod anytime the pod fails you give them the number on the pod and you tell them what it said when it failed and once you get like 10 they give you a free box of pods. I think pods fail the most because of the way the insulin is put into them. Whenever I have a medium sized air bubble in there and I don’t see it soon enough it leads to a failed pod.

As for the insulin, it is not lost if the pod fails. All you have to do is insert the needle that comes with the kit back into the same hole you put the insulin in and pull the plunger and pull it out. Took me a long time to figure that out.

I’m biased because I have been on a tubed pump and hated it. Now that i’m tubless I could never go back. In the end its what you want and whats easier more convient to you. If its easier to put a site on every 2-3 days and wear the tubed pump do it. If it’s easier for you to put the pod where ever you want and can deal with how bulky it is and deal with failed pods here and there then do that. You will be the one that is stuck wearing it for 4 years if you don’t like it.

GOOD LUCK and i’m sure whatever pump you pick will be great for you!

I have the Animas Ping. I don’t think I’ll ever regret my decision to go on the pump. It was a little frustrating at first (don’t expect everything to level out immediately because there’s a lot of tweaking involved) but it really has given me a lot of freedom I didn’t have before. And, like you said, it’s less frustrating to wear than you might expect, especially once you’ve figured out what works for you.

Anyway, on to your question :slight_smile: I’ve never used the Omnipod but from what I gather from people who do, if there is a failure you DO have to throw insulin away. Or, as Sarah said, you’re supposed to :slight_smile: I know people who love their Pods. That being said, I have to agree with Dave. If you are finding that the tubing on your saline pump is too much for you to handle, Omnipod might be right for you. Otherwise, go with another brand.

I’ve had pretty good luck with my Ping. Like Sarah, I also like the remote meter so I don’t have to pull the pump out everytime I need it. You check your sugar on your meter and after you press a few buttons, you’ve taken your bolus. However…has anyone else had a problem with the meter losing signal in the middle of bolusing? I was under the impression you could control your pump from quite a distance, but in reality I have to hold my meter until it finishes delivering the bolus because I’ve simply turned my back on it without even walking away and lost signal in the middle of the bolus! Why it doesn’t just send the info to the pump and let the pump take care of it from there is beyond me. Instead it delivers gradually and if you’re taking more than a couple of units, standing there with the meter waiting for the delivery can be kind of a pain! Maybe I’m just impatient but… :slight_smile:

Well good luck with your pumpventure :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll figure out what’s right for you and like it as much as the rest of us seem to!

We rarely have pod site issues, and when we do, we just draw the insulin back out. It really is not an issue for us at all because they rarely fail, but I have not had any problem getting the insulin out. I’d highly recommend the Omnipod. Great pump, and it is UBER easy. I really can’t remember the last “bad” site we had. but I know we had a pod last year that needed to be changed early and I just took the insulin back out. It really is not as big a deal as some people here seem to believe it is… well at least for us.

I use a Cozmore pump. I have never regretted switching to a pump. I like my pump. I attach my pump to my waistband , make sure that the tubing is tucked into my clothes and away I go. It was not until I had been on the pump for about a week that I actually realized how easy a pump was.

I would call all of the different pump companies and have them send out a representative to come show you the different pump. Each has their own unique features. I would suggest that you also try different infusion sets. Some prefer one type over others. How much insulin do you use a day? Are you insulin resistant? Some pumps hold 300 units of insulin while others only hold 200 units. Which pump is your doctor more comfortable with? That might also help you with your decision.

thank you very much for your input, I really appreciate it.

yes, the meter remote seems like a very handy plus. do you use it a lot or does it just feel like an extra?
I feel like you can’t go wrong with a ping or the mm, the only reason I’m leaning toward mm is the customer service I’ve received in requesting information. They’ve really been stellar, whether that remains so after you’ve bought the product… I don’t know. I would hope so.

being connected to pump really didn’t bother me but once I had taken it off again I was slightly relieved. It was nice not to think about where it was and what to do with it. But that’s probably also something that becomes second nature with time.

Thank you so much for your comments

Thank you very much for you thoughts. It was good to hear from an omni-pod user who has had a failure or two but chalks it up to just being one of those things that happens no matter what you go for. It seems the omni pod opinions are very polarized, you either get “I love it, nothing wrong with it” or “I hate it, it’s the worst.” While it’s not perfect, none of them are (for everyone) and you have to weigh what’s important to you.
Do you carry around an extra pod in case of a failure? or is that just overkill?
Anyway, thanks again I really do appreciate it.

thank you for replying, if you don’t mind another question about the ping; How often do you actually use it’s calorie king database? It seems like a handy feature but if you’ve been figuring these things out for years is it really needed?
I hadn’t heard about the remote/pump distance issue until now. that would be quite frustrating.
Thank you again, I’m nervous and excited about my pumpventure. I can see the potential for improvement and that’s a really wonderful thing.

thank you so much for commenting. It’s good to know there are people having positive experiences with the pod, it really is quite amazing.

Everyone I’ve talked to has been extremely helpful and gone out of their way to let me get an idea of which would be best for me. It’s been a really positive experience.
I can definitely see how freeing it could be, and I’m more than sick of shots all the time.
thank you for replying, I appreciate it.