Pump set sites

I have been pumping now for about 6 months and always use my tummy for the site. I rotate the areas though. But I’m thinking of trying the top of the thigh…does anyone use this area? Does it hurt? Any suggestions on different areas or using thigh is much appreciated. Thanks! Take care!

Pain level probably depends how lean you are. The leaner you are the more chance of running into muscle. I’m pretty lean, so those areas don’t work real well I rotate from my stomach to my sides and that works well.

I use both the top and outside of both thighs in rotation. Abdominal: Right - Left, Thigh - top or outside. I go Right Thigh, Right Abdomen, Left Abdomen, Left Thigh. Then start over. As far as pain. I use Medtronic 9mm quick sets. I do not have pain issues any more in the thigh than the abdomen.


I use the top of my thighs for my CGM and my stomach for the pump. it works pretty well this way. I am not lean, so I have a lot of space to choose from.

I use a pretty good rotation schedule that has worked for me. I rotate clockwise from left ab, right ab, top R behind, top L behind. In each location I can do a triangle pattern (which means I stay in that location for up to 9 days-2 weeks depending on how often I change my site)and I also don't return to that area for at least a month.

I hope that is not too complicated but it has worked for years. (FYI: The triangle pattern is just a suggestion but when you give the area sufficient rest it is easier to find three fresh spots.)I have attached a little diagram.![|640x314](upload://s82Sh7VORTYWTamv7steH5Hb08T.jpeg)

If you look closely at the assorted pump infusion set sites for both Animas and Medtronic, you'll find some EXCELLENT charts on where to do the insertion. They are far larger than you might assume and especially larger than you actually use...expand your rotation site choices folks!!!!
I'm in my 59th year with T1 and trust me, if you limit yourself to only one or two areas, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. Down the road, those overused, easy peasy areas are going to get calloused and have reduced function for you.
In a similar fashion to a previous person, I start at the topand move down going from right side to left side...right arm -> left arm, right abdomen -> left ab, right butt cheek -> left butt, right thigh -> left thigh. Yes...rotating the sites on each area to the best of my ability.
Please...don't shoot yourself in the foot by limiting where you do your sites.
Learn from my mistakes please

Thanks for the reminder Michael. Early on I overused my thighs and I think I've been gun shy about that spot ever since. I might need to add them to the rotation.

PMichel...if you really look at those websites for the infusion sets OR the manuals...you might be just as shocked and awed as I was to discover the HUGE areas available I'd never even considered. Those thighs might just have some untapped territory to work into the mix.
I know when I started migrating mine into those virgin territories, I was extremely pleased with the results. I actually had a few perfect infusions...numbers all in range for the entire period. Not always but often enough it became apparent that an open mind and willingness resulted in good things.

Thanks for all the advice!

One problem I had with the thigh is that, being female, there were several occasions per day for pants to rip the site off. OK, bathroom breaks. I tried various types of taping and finally gave up on it. Plus, in summer, working outside, gardening with pants or shorts sliding on the skin with active gardening and sweating would also cause the insert to come out. Apparently, others have success with it but I chose to quit fighting the battle on that. I use lots and lots of sites on my abdomen. But then, I have plenty of territory there!