Pump site adhesives. Competitive swimmers please help. What do you wear over the site during training?

Looking for info from competitive swimmers as to what they put over the site when they are training.
We have not had success yet :(
We have tried a number of adhesives ... tegaderm seems to be the best -
HOWEVER it needs time to 'seal' itself ... ie an hour and a half to two
hours before it can survive a workout .

We tried sticky tack under the tegaderm - he got a rash. ( we are about to try Friars balsam to see how that goes and then also tincture of benzoin.

At this point unless we find a solution we are going to go with the sites
only on his upper butt which are covered by his brief. ( He does not wear a Jammer ) and see if the tegaderm will stay on ... or maybe even just leave the site with nothing on it under his suit.

For non competitive swimmers .... the water current seems to rip the adhesive off within minutes of starting practice. Yes the tegaderm can be worn in the water ... it seems to be the FLOW of water across the tegaderm that is the issue.