Pump site issues

When changing your insulin pump site did anyone ever think it was working and then bolus for a meal and it rises quickly and stays there for a while? I changed my site after breakfast yesterday and corrected and it went down so I thought it was okay. When i ate dinner I got the 3 rising arrows on my dexcom and it went up to 17.8mmol. I never get the rising quickly arrows only when the site is in a blood vessel.

Did you double check with a meter to confirm not bogus cgm data?

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Yes I always check with my meter when my bloodsugar goes high and doesn’t follow the same pattern as usual.

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I have an Omnipod and get suspicious if I start rising after I change a site. I usually change it later in the evening and I am not eating so it’s easy to spot the rise for no reason.

I change them out pretty fast if I don’t like the results, sometimes you can tell you are absorbing some insulin but not enough or too slow or you just keep rising and that for me is really easy, I spike fast with no insulin.

I will change them out within 2-3 hours of a spike occuring and give a shot to make sure I get some insulin. If it’s a sluggish spot, it might be that night or the next day. I have lived with a bad/slow absorption spot and have now decided it’s not worth it, I just change it.


I couldn’t tell it wasn’t working until I had a meal. I change in the morning. I ate lunch that day and it went up a bit but when I corrected it came down so I thought it was okay.

If you came down some, then it was working some and either the cannula isn’t inserted completely right or it’s a bad insertion site area. I have an area on my stomach that just doesn’t absorb well, it works, just not very well…

Those sites are the worst. They tease you and keep you from yanking it right away.

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I ran out of insulin completely in my pod last night and didn’t wake up. Ran out 12AM and was 113 (5.5). I caught it at 5:30AM and I was 356 (19). So, I only rose 40 or 50 (2.8) points an hour.

I guess I can see how you might not notice until you ate, especially if your getting some delivery. I guess you jumped up about 200 points rapidly. Saying 50 (3.0) points per 15g, I’m guessing that you ate about 60g of carb?

Whats your insulin to carb ratio? I’m trying to figure out what percentage of insulin delivery you might have been receiving, like 0% or 50% or 75%

@mohe0001 Didn’t the pod screech at you?? I know it warns me if I am getting low, it keeps beeping, but I’ve never ran out to know what it does.

I would hope it does. My Tandem pump doesn’t stop shrieking when it runs out of insulin.

Yeah, good question. Mine would typically screech at me. But, I need to keep a closer eye on it since starting Loop. Loop sends some beeping-style alarms, but nothing like the Omnipod banshee cry. I heard them going off in my sleep, but didn’t totally wake up. I never thought that I would miss the Omnipod banshee cry. (dont bow your speakers if you play this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrFPPoI-yeg)

Yesterday was terrible for me. The stars aligned in the negative fashion and the day before I had to change my site, cartridge and insulin batch. When I went to bed all was as expected, but my BG increased slowly over night and didn’t respond to correction blouses in the morning. So now I had to track down which of the three was the culprit. I changed things out from least likely to most likely failure point. I changed the site first (waited a couple hours) - no luck. Changed the cartridge (waited another 2 hours) - no luck. Then changed the cartridge and insulin batch. Ended up it was the insulin, but the all-day detective work and continuously rising BGL took it’s toll.

In 30+ years pumping I’ve never had an insulin batch fail, but I recently started diluting Fiasp from U-100 to U-80 myself and likely didn’t prepare it properly.

I could have changed all three at once, but I despise wasting diabetes supplies, especially insulin.

This happened to me when I put it on my calf, so I haven’t had it there since.

Hi, Marie, I now now what the problem was!!! It was my gastroparesis acting up. I didn’t have any symptoms yet but food was staying in my stomach for too long. I will now next time for sure, when this happens that I have to be careful with what I eat and how much. This explains it all. The symptoms didn’t start until Sept 1rst.

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@Dee-Meloche well at least you know!! Although I bet that’s another headache for trying to figure out dosing!

For sure!! I have been doing alot of bolussing as I want to control my after meal
Bloodsugars. I have been deep breathing and chanting ommmm and making sure I move after eating. I am probably not getting enough carbs in for the whole day but that’s okay. Once this is resolved I can eat more normally. I am going to eat my suppers at lunch after my sugar starts acting normal. I am also going to drink soy milk instead of 2%. No more McDonald’s of Burger King for me.

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