Pump sites not infusing after 36 hours?

We have been struggling with this problem for a little while, and it is starting to get very frustrating. My son is an extremely active 5 year old. We started pumping in July and frequently rotate pump sites - stomach, love handles, bum.

We use the Inset infusion site 6mm with the Animas Ping, and pump with Humalog. For some reason around the 36 hour mark the infusion site just stops working, and lately we are lucky if we get 24. Pump sites aren't cheap and I am pulling my hair out trying to figure what the problem is. I'm not using one spot over and over, the sites aren't kinked, he doesn't have any irritation at the site when I remove it. I just can't figure it out - if it is the insulin, or the type of infusion set we are using. I talked to the doctors office about it and they were not very helpful just encouraging me to use more areas, which I already do, or to try inserting the infusion set through Tegaderm (I'm not quite sure why this would help - anyone who's had experience I would love to hear it).

So I am hoping to hear advice from anyone who has had the same problem - if your infusion sets quit working why was it, and what did you do to fix it?

I read somewhere that children's bodies tend to heal faster and thus reject the site faster, but I haven't found anyone's experience on that either. If anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate your advice. Thank you!

We are on omnipod but when we first started pumping, we would have a lot of day day 3 problems. My son started pumping at 18 months old. Turned out it was the humalog going bad. We switched to novolog and no longer had any issues. I know many people who fixed their pump duration issues by switching to novolog too. Worth a try especially if your endo will give you a sample.

We just had this same problem with our 7 year old. He is also on the Animas Ping and was using the Inset 2's 6 mm. After 7 months of pumping, I found that we really started having problems. Some were obvious: kinked cannulas, blood in the cannula. Other times the site just didn't seem to be working.

We switched just recently to the steel cannula, the Contact Detach. I do think they are much better. Sometimes diabetes is still crazy (like with highs that seem to take a rage bolus to get down), but at least I know that I am not dealing with a kinked cannula or a site that doesn't work. You do have to manually insert the steel cannula, which I actually prefer. I find it easy and better able to place it exactly where you want. My son doesn't mind the insertion at all. However, the site is a little more painful to him, if it is directly pushed on. This seemed to be greatly lessened however when I moved much higher on his bum, so that he was never putting pressure on it when sitting. All in all, I would highly recommend the contact detach. Oh, I also suspect with my son that he may have developed an allergic reaction to the teflon cannulas of the Inset 2's, which may be why they were not working. After 3 days, his sites would tend to look pretty inflamed. Now on the contact detach, there is some slight bleeding when I pull the site out, but no inflammation.

My 9 year old son has been on a Medtronic Minimed pump for a year now. He is slender so we can only do the sites on his bum. We only get about 48 hours out of a site. The doctors and educators are no help. The only thing I can come up with is that he heals really quickly and the sites fails because scar tissue starts to build up. We have used both Novolog and Humalog and didn’t find a difference.

Our endo actually prescribed my son's pump to be replaced every 2 days because that's what she said is recommended for children. We don't always actually change them that often but do sometimes notice issues on the third day of a pod.

What type of insulin is he using?

We are on Humalog. We have been prescribed to change every two days, and we do, but now we aren't even getting that long.

we had similar problem with duration of each pump site decreasing from 3 to 2 days and still decreasing for our 5 yr old son. We then changed insulin to Asparte Novalog now we change the cannula at completion of 3 days…May be u could try changing insulin & it works for u too.Good luck.

My 6-year-old goes through spurts like this—we'll have week after week of good BGs and 3-day-long sites, and then bam, constant highs, constant bad sites. I'm in one of those now. Can't get a site to last more than 2 days to save my life and he's ALWAYS high. I wonder if growth hormone has anything to do with it... will ask the endo when I see him next week, but for now I'm just changing changing and changing again. Got a call from school nurse not 10 minutes ago saying he's 263 with low ketones, which means probably lost another one, and it's barely 40 hours since the last site change!

We had the same problem when my daughter first started on the pump. She would only get between 12 & 20 hrs. I tried different infusion sets, including the steel set to rule out improper insertion or kinking. Then I changed to Novalog and the problem disappeared. Humalog is known to be more irritating to tissues and can cause resistance to absorption for some people. Maybe you could try Novalog? We have to pay more because it isn't the preferred insulin by our insurance company, but it's the only way my daughter can be on the pump.

I find during growth spurts we have to up up up the basal rates(and I:C ratios) - then we will have about 2 weeks of good numbers then we get lows and have to lower the insulin - then she ends up close to where she was to start.

Thank you everyone! I think I will ask for a sample of Novolog and some samples of sites. I don't really want to switch insulins - I already have a stock built up, and I think that my insurance has made Novolog a non-preferred brand next year.

At this point though I'm willing to do anything that works. I just feel bad for the poor kid having to get poked so often, the last time I had to change it he started to cry :(

I am glad to know that I'm not alone in this situation though, it just seems so weird to have something like this happen when it seems like everything works fine for everyone else.

I am so sorry for your struggles right now, I do understand you. My son is having the same issue with the Medtronic pump. It seems as if it doesn't matter what insulin or what changes are made on the pump, it doesn't work. It's as if the site no longer wants to be receptive to the insulin and I end up having to give him an injection to lower his sugar levels. I too am greatly frustrated as I know I am covering him sufficiently but don't see results. I ordered the longer needle for the infusion set to see if this helps and maybe it doesn't come out as much. There are still issues, no matter what we try. All I can say is don't give up. Take a deep breath and keep on trying. Call the Help Center where you got your pump, they have assisted me many times and did show me a few tricks on how to check to see what might be wrong. I wish you all the best.