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I am new to group and I have one question… Which software do you use to download data from your pump… I don’t need everyone to tell me the same I just need to know about each software that is available… I have been looking around a little to find this, but some companies (like Minimed), have several software packages available, but there is nowhere started which pump of theirs uses which.

So any info will be appreciated.

Each pump and pump company has their own software. Which pump are you going to go with? The software comes with the pump.

Yes I know… I will probably go with Minimed… but here lies the problem. Minimed has for example 3 different software packages: Paradigm Pal, Solutions and Web Appplication… I was more thinging in getting names of different software packages and maybe any independent software… I was already in contact with Minimed and they send my mail further to company that sells Minimed here in Slovenia, but they are totally clueless.
I plan to write my own software when time comes that I will get a pump, only problem is that till this point I have seen no software the supports pump (independed software) and software that comes with pumps can’t be downloaded…


Now I see. I ran into the same problems with other pump companies. When I talked with the pump companies about their software I felt like I was speaking a foreign language to them. I even offered to buy the software if they would send it to me. I got no where. I wish you luck.

If you get a cozmo pump, the co-pilot softweare is great, it does really useful graphs. Free.

I am already in contact with company that makes Cosmo, so that they could send me software (I know it’s free, but they don’t deliver into Europe, so I am having problem getting it)… I will probably only have choice beetwen: Minimed, Accu-Chek Spirit and Dana… All other are not imported into my country and our insurance companies don’t allow buying outside Slovenia.

The problem with trying out the software is that you have to buy the pump first. Not all software works on every computer. I would like to make sure that the pump software will not crash my computer. I also wanted to see if I could run the software on my pda.

I use a Minimed pump and can help solve the software issues. The Paradigm Pal and Solutions are programs that are for older versions of the pump (512/712 or 515/715 models). One software lets you store and modify the pump settings (basal rates, carb ratios, etc). The other software lets you download all the data from both your blood meter (sugars) and from your pump (insulin and carbs). These are PC versions and are loaded with a CD on your computer. I had an older pump and the CDs came with the pump. The Web based version is for the newer pumps (522/722) and it combines both the PAL and the solutions together. It also allows dowmload of the continous glucose monitor, which the old software does not. It has lots of nice iomprovements to it and I much prefer the web absed version. The thing I like the best is that I share my data with my endo over the web (I am a 6 hour drive from my endo) and he can easily review it amd make changes/suggestions. Essentially these are different software versions. When you buy a new pump, you will not get the old software, only the web-based version. The web-based is much better.

Hi !

I bought cable for pump and I got old software with it… It doesn’t look that impressive I am affraid… I have taken a look at web application (I had quite a few problems since they have this childish requirements: like you need to use IE and you need to have 32 bit OS)… but so far I can see nothing since I have no data to import… and until you have some data you can’t see any graphs…

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You can download data from any blood meter into the web based version.
Just sign up for the web-site. You will need a connection for whatever meter you use. There is a list of accepted meters on the website. This will give you a better idea of what the data looks like. As an absolute last resort the BD Logic meter is the same as the BD link except without the remote signal. You can pick one up for free (usually when you buy the strips), use it and use the cable from minimed (it will use the same cable) and download the data from the blood meter to either the PC version or the web based version. At least this would let you see what everything is and let you use the software.