Pump Start Wednesday

I started pumping at 8:15 this morning. I took my last Lantus shot the night before last and used small Humalog shots to get me through the night. I am officially off MDI’s.

My pump start went smoothly and much faster than anticipated. My CDE said my start was the fastest she had done, due to my prep work and learning everything I could prior to my two meetings with her. After a quick quiz of “how would I do this and that,” she supervised my prep, priming, connection and start of my pump.

After a morning high of 352 following breakfast, and correcting at the actual pump start, I am glad to say I have dropped and fallen into a nice mid-90s after lunch (lower than I expected, but I was advised to not expect a normal the first few days). I will be interested to see how thing go at dinner tonight and my first night on the pump.

Hey Shawn, Welcome to the pumping world, I have been pumping for almost 5 years and I have been diabetic for 41 years, and I cannot imagine going back to MDI. Remember that the pump is not a cure and with diabetes every day is different, but I still find the pump as the best form of insulin delivery. Hey I come to Atlanta often my sister lives there. :slight_smile: and I also lived in Indiana, small town of St. John. Well anyway hope things went well for you after dinner. Oooo and I have the same pump. :slight_smile: