Pump Supplies

I've been on a One Touch Ping for 4 years and have always bought my pump and CGM supplies at Liberty Medical, mainly because they are contracted with BC/BS and they let me make monthly payments to pay for my supplies. I've accepted a new job and just found out that they have Humana insurance. Liberty is not contracted with Humana Insurance. So, now I have to find somewhere else to get my pump, testing and CGM supplies. Does anyone have Humana insurance (not a Medicare supp policy, a commercial policy)and can give me a recommendation on where to buy supplies that will also let me make monthly payments? Thanks.

I switched from liberty to diabetes specialty center on bc/bs and have be very pleased. Not sure about monthly payments though.

I'll have to check and see if they take Humana

You should be able to ask Humana which vendors they accept.

Currently use EdgePark. I used Diabetes Specialty Ctr for awhile but had an insurance change so they were no longer preferred provider. Told them not to ship but they did anyway for 2 different items. I returned the items but they did not notify my insurance, luckily I keep good records. They suddenly were very unhelpful and took 3 months of MANY phone calls and emails to get them to credit back money they collected.