Pump supply distributors?


I don’t think it is supplier specific. I was told to use Solara and have the same problems.
I know solve the incorrect supply numbers by having customer service tell me (via email) what they plan to send every 3 months.
I then correct the quantities/types of product they want to send. i.e. a box less of insets, a different type of skin-prep, etc. I have prescriptions that cover most but sometimes I like a different test strip (using several different glucometers) and not the one they tell me.
You must educate their customer service as they might interpret a prescription wrong.
I use Humilin R U-500 in my pump and sometimes use Apidra shots for bringing down “uncontrollable” highs. 1 bottle of U-100 lasts me 3 months or more. I was given 9 bottles for 3 months clearly a misunderstanding of a as needed prescription. I now have more than enough Apidra to last me for several years but expiration is Dec. 2018.
Hopefully I can get it to somebody that needs it as the supplier won’t take it back.
Bottom line I have coverage even though the supply could be better.


I’ve used Byram for years, really struggled with them at first (they would send me incorrect supplies, and I would have to call them daily) but eventually figured out how to deal with them properly: I would reference a previous invoice number to make sure they sent me the exact same thing… but sadly my new insurance accepts Byram but not for CGM supplies, so they sent me to Edgepark.

I’m bracing myself for the worst… I like that I can modify my order online (since they already got the quantity wrong) but it won’t let me order my Dexcom transmitter or receiver online, I have to call a specific dept for that.

fingers crossed that I get my first sensor order soon, I’m 2 weeks behind on when I should have gotten it from Byram!


I use them for my CGM and I have told them the same thing! They are impossible to work with! Always a hassle and seriously, how can a sensor cost that much! They have no idea what they are talking about most of the time. My blood sugars are usually sky high after my calls with them.I am searching for a new distributor. Why do doctors keep promoting them?!


It’s the entire medical business. Government, private industry, all are corrupt and do not reward good transactions. Money changes hands behind the scenes in so many ways that promotes rotten service. Here’s a thought - why are there so many acquisitions resulting in near monopolies, yet prices rise and service drops? Government promotes it as well, so it just isn’t private industry.

Try getting infusion sets NOT manufactured by the Danish near monopoly Unomedical. Someone in DC is getting their palms greased to allow them to own this market.


I’ve tried them all. I love Solara. Once I trained them, they did and continue to do a good job.


I too, have has several issues with Edgepark. I recently received my 670G from Medtronic as my upgrade but have been waiting now over 2 weeks for the sensors. The new sensors for the 670G are different from the 630G pump I have been using. My diabetes training center set me up with classes and I could not go as I only found out about not having the right sensors, the night before, when I called Medtronic. I have 1 box of 5 sensors and 2 boxes of 1 sensor I need to exchange for the right ones that go with the pump. They have no idea what they are doing and I am stuck having to withdraw from my classes and now don’t know what to do as I want to start using the new pump.


Since I am looking for an alternative to Edgepark, I did a quick Google reviews of Solera, Ouch! Google reviews of Solara

And as bad as my experience with Edgepark has been, I was shocked to see it has a 3.4 Google Review ranking: Edgepark’s Google Reviews


I think that Edgepark, as well as other distributors, have people going in to the reviews on Google, Yelp, etc and entering in 5 star reviews to boost their scores.

These companies can get away with absolutely terrible service because they have brokered deals with the insurance companies to restrict your choices. They know people generally don’t have a choice in who they do business with, and they know that you can’t afford the things you need without insurance (not to mention the fact that you have to have a prescription for insulin pump supplies, which makes absolutely no sense) and the insurance company doesn’t care if they provide good service or not because it doesn’t affect them. If anything, it works out better for the insurance companies because then they don’t have to pay out as much.

I mean, the fact that Edgepark charges my insurance company sometimes 2-3x more than ordering directly from the manufacturers, yet they insist I go through them or other similar companies, should be evidence enough right there that the whole system is corrupt.


I didn’t sift through the reviews, but you are absolutely correct about corrupt businesses that stack social media rankings.


That may be, but after training them, I’ve had no problems. You don’t have much choice. None of them is great.


I think that you could call them and say that you need a ‘reliable’ supplier. Instead of using that specific one, you could request one in a different city. Be sure that you have a stock pile of supplies.


i had edgepark and i agree they were horrible. i had them screw me over actually. i use CCS medical but not sure what type of insurance you have but they really help big time if you have medicare…im sure they take other insurance but again not sure. ive had good expreince with them so far and only been with them for a few months.


Wow, that’s a useful bit of info - to get a diabetic recommended supplier. Thanks.


welcome…there are great ones out there and bad ones out there…


I agree that most of the distributors are terrible. I have recently used Byram and Edwards Healthcare Services. I’ve found that Edwards Healthcare was the best of the lot. Getting established with a new one is a real pain.


Well I finally opened a help ticket at my work to investigate what my options were, so I could track it and have some accountability involved, and of course they first come back with the same generic list that the insurance customer service people had been giving me. When I said that these places all say I am not in network the person handling the ticket, as well as myself, did some deep diving. In the end he confirmed what I found:

Even though my insurance is Anthem BC of California, because I live in NC I can only use BCBS of NC’s network. BCBS of NC made an exclusive deal with Edgepark for them to be the sole supplier of insulin pump, CGM, and related supplies. They say this was “to provide patients with better care and more affordable pricing”… Even though they charge way more than even the manufacturers do…

So yeah, I am stuck with Edgepark. And they know it too.