Pump Training

Going on 9th year of pumping…have been on the Roche combo unit. Headed over to Tandem. Question…going to have to wait 2 weeks for a CDE to train me. Is this required/recommended?

do you already have the T-Slim? Do you want to start using it right away? Personally, I’d keep using the combo until I could get a trainer. I’d prefer a one-on-one training session in my home. But I do know some folks here who’ve started pumping without the training.

I can’t recommend what you should do about pump training but I can tell you what I’ve done in the past. First of all, I’ve been using pumps for a long time, since 1987. After the second or third replacement pump, I would carefully read the pump user guide, often available online at the manufacturer’s website. If I then felt comfortable using it, I would start it on my own. I would pick up the phone and talk to the 24/7 helpline, if needed.

When I decided to try the Omnipod patch pump, I felt it was different enough that I accepted the face-to-face training. Looking back, I probably could have gone without the training but I decided to be cautious.

The Tandem product is different enough from your Roche pump. Perhaps a face-to-face session would be a better idea. It’s your call, of course. Good luck. I always enjoy changing to new D-tech.

Tandem has a demo app that can get you started learning the buttons. https://www.tandemdiabetes.com/products/t-simulator-demo-app

I’ve found that some experienced pumpers miss out on an essential step in loading their cartridge which result in air bubble getting onto their line. Entering the pump settings are different than other brands as well. As a pump trainer I’d suggest taking advantage of the training.

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Depending on your insurance coverage, they may require proof of training.

I always got the pump training to avoid any issues, insurance or otherwise. But I always prepared myself ahead of time so when the trading happened, I felt I could have done without it.

Thanks for the input. Due to the supplied with the old pump, trainer backed up, I called insurance got the ok. Studied the manual, and took off on my own. Air bubbles are challenging to say the least. Pumping now, think A1C is gonna be good. So far, Tandem has got it going on!

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