Pump Ups & Downs

Any one else like me, most of the time I love my pump! Except when my blood sugar spikes to super high levels. I seem to have traced it back to canuala troubles. But it seems to be happening more and more. When my blood sugars get so high, I become unbearable. But sometimes I get really sick and tired of fighting the battles, diet, excerise, insulin.

I'm living this annoyance at this very moment. I changed my site today. I tested a few minutes ago and I'm soaring above the atmosphere. Now I have the dilema I always have -- do I correct and wait it out assuming stress or some other fluke drove me high for a moment or do I just yank it out right away assuming I bent the canula? This situation is probably my only meaningful pump use complaint but it sure is an annoying one. I can't tell you the frustration I feel when I answer that internal debate with "just pull it out and start over, you know it's the canula" only to discover that the canula was perfectly the opposite (then I risk the same dilema with the next set). Or the opposite, I wait it out too long, and find a bent canula when I pull the thing and I kick myself for waiting. Granted -- in the scheme of things and all the woes that can happen with diabetes, this is a minor annoyance -- but an annoyance nonetheless. For the record, I opted not to yank right away. I will give it only 1 hour though. If I doesn't start trending down in a meaningful way, it's new site time. ARGH.

Had the same problem last week. Was having moderately high numbers so I pulled the set and the cannula was bent. I replaced and the next day had the same problem with higher numbers. Assuming the bent cannula scenario, I pulled it and it was fine. I did this twice more the same day. Couldn't figure out the problem but corrected until my bs was back in the normal range for me. So been there, done that.

I had the "bent cannula" problem with my Medtronic Quick-set with the 9mm infusion set several times last month.
After speaking with Medtronic's customer service, I have been trying to not use the quick-set device, and standing up before inserting the cannula by hand. This way has all but stopped the previous 90 degree bends that I was getting using the push button device. After speaking to my doctor, who also uses the pump, he wrote me a "script" for more cannula sets per month. This method might not work for everyone, but has sure helped me! Best regards!