Pump user manual

I’ll be getting a new pump in the next couple of months and am trying to decide between the Ping and the Veo available here in Canada. I currently use a Cozmo so both of these systems are totally new to me, and I’d like to download and skim the user manual for each pump to get a better idea of its features, menu layout, etc. I’ve found the Ping user manual but can’t seem to find one for the Veo. Does anyone have one or know where to download one?

I will, of course, also contact the companies to see each pump in person again (I already saw and tried both briefly at a conference earlier this year), but the user manuals contain way more information about the pump and its menu system than could be covered in a short meeting.

I have found the UK link …I hope this works for you . My MM 522 is living past 2 years of it’s warranty . I contacted my pump nurse recently about the Veo and she informed me, that she has to go through a training before she can teach .