Pump warranty

I have had my Cozmo pump for a while now, but I couldn’t remember how long the warranty lasts.

So I called one of the friend Deltec Reps and asked.

Turns out that the answer is 4 years, which means my warranty is up in December (has it really be almost 4 years together??? Wow.)

THAT means-- it’s going to be time for a new pump. This time, it’s time to figure out how to get a pump in Hungary. I no longer have insurance in the USA-- so it won’t be an option there, but I am now in the Hungarian National Health system and I’ve heard that it’s not too hard, but I’m venturing into unknown territory.

I think that I have the choice between MiniMed, Animas, and AccuCheck. I think that I am leaning towards MiniMed-- leaving the CGMS possibility open (still have to see if the national insurance will cover that at all).

How long are the warranties on your pumps?? Does it vary?

Hey Kristin, I just ordered my Animas, and it is also 4 years. The pump rep got ahold of me in early July to let me know the warranty is up July 31. I think that is the standard time. Can’t see any company going longer if they know insurance will pay at 4 years:) My insurance paid 90%, and they wave the rest if you turn in your old pump. Again, I think most companies do the same.