Pump Water Proofing?

Ok once again I need your wise and creative thoughts my diabetic community. In a couple of weeks I’m going on a trip down south in (cali) to go river rafting. I use a Mini Med Paradigm insulin pump - I know this baby isn’t water proof… why, I have no clue. I will be taking my blood sugar meter and supplies also… the question is how would I keep everything dry? Is there anything cheap that u guys found on the web or anything cheap I can do (zip block bag)?

your the man John, thanks.

please let me know what you purchased and if it works on your trip. my concern would be that the tubing would become clamped off and therefore no insulin delivery. i canoe and kyak but its with a risk of submerging my pump. thanks ahead of time…and have fun!

I’ve used a mini dry sack that they make for cameras and wallets, there is still a small opening where the tubing comes out, but works pretty well.

kind of like this: http://www.rei.com/product/800695

thanks abby!