I've been diagnosed for about 8 months and the injections are starting to hurt really bad and leaving brusies and scars on my body.I really want to go onto the pump and I was wondering if anyone new how long I have to wait to get one. Thanks :)

I was on shots for about 5 months until i got my pump you just have to talk to your endo and diabetes educator about it and they will help you through it all. Pumps are amazing!

I have no idea. I don't have any experience with pumps. But, while you're still using syringes, make sure to stick it in with the hole pointing up, away from your skin. It goes in easier that way. Good luck. :)

Hi Alex.
The first step towards a pump is talking with your CDE/endo. They will know how long it takes, as they also know your insurance. (a lot depends on insurance).
Pumps are amazing, but not perfect. do not expect the scar tissue to disappear immediately, since it is just another way of delivering insulin subcutaneously.
Good luck and tell us if you have any further questions.

Hi, I think getting a pump depends on your insurance and where you live. I live in Canada and I had to wait a year before I was allowed to get one. I have an Animas Ping and I love it!! As for injections, it may be possible to get smaller needles, depending on if you are using pens or syringes.
Good luck!! = )