Pumpers, how many basal rates do you use?


Tandem + G6 = who cares?
Preset have 4, but G6 changes it. Works great.

It’s old thinking (sorry, no offense meant…I’m 60) that pre-dates CGM integrating with a pump.

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I like that idea of the ‘blast’ without having to bolus! Like you, I have a high variability during the day. Currently I have 6 basal rates ranging from .375 to .75 but I have noticed since starting a CGM a little over a year ago, there are seasonable variations in my metabolic patterns, so have used as few as 4 basal and as many as 7. It seems I have fewer fluctuations when there is more sunlight and more when there is less sunlight.

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Kathryn - the days of “set it and forget it” are long past :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A long time ago, when there was no home blood glucose test and long before A1C’s, some of us believed once you got things “dialed in” you were set. How naive was that?

These days, especially since the development of reliable CGM’s, every diabetic owes it to themselves to monitor, check, and reset. Weather, seasonal changes, fitness levels, metabolic changes and stress all change the “package” on an ongoing basis.

Adaptation is the key :grinning:

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