Pumpers how many insulin bottles?

How many bottles do you get per month?? Is one enough, also how often do you change the tubing and cartridge-do you change them at the same time and waste a lot of insulin or just prime every new set…do you change the tubing out with every new site-every 3 days??

I get 3 bottles of Apidra and usually will do my refill in the last week of the month, which I will be kinda short in? So I use 3 and a half!!!
Regarding the tubing and the cartridge it depends on the pump I believe! My Cozmo, I change the site every 2 days, while the insulin every 3 days (I think so) I do not change the tubing with the site. I just use a new tubing when loading a new insulin cartridge. In filling the tube, I just make sure that it drop once or twice and stop the filling process, which saves between 4 to 8 units! :slight_smile:

I use less than one bottle per month; I throw it out after 30 days. I fill a reservoir for 6 days usually and then change the tubing when I change the infusion set. So I average one reservoir per two infusion sets. I’m very insulin sensitive so I use less than 19 units a day; usually about 15.
Think about how many times you touch your tubing, especially when you use the bathroom and have to readjust it when you pull up your pants. If I’m feeling super-sanitary, I’ll take a alcohol swab to the tubing every once in a while.

I need at least 4 bottles a month. I have to change out every 2 days because I am allergic to the adhesive they use for the infusion sets. I change my infusion set and cartridge each time.

I use about 40 units per day of Novalog, so a vial lasts me approximately one month. I change my infusion set and my reservoir (Quick-Set) every time I move the infusion set – 3 1/2 days (2x per week).

I never needed more than 2 unless I was pregnant… 2 a month gave me plenty of insulin plus waste for priming and such… but I usually only needed a tiny bit of the 2nd bottle. When I had to increase my Rx to 3 and then 4 while pregnant (and 4 was only barely enough), the pharmacy had a really difficult time believing ANYONE could actually go through that much of one type of insulin in a month - they didn’t want to fill the RX for fear of being charged with insurance fraud.

I use 3 to 3 1/2 vials per month. I try to change the site, tubing and res at the same time. But this out of habit and time, I found it takes more time for me to change at different times. By the time you pull everything required out and gain access the old site and new… It is just easier for me to do it at one time.

I get 5 bottles every 90 days. I have never run out of insulin. How much I use depends on what I am doing and what I am going to eat that day. One bottle is not enough for most pumpers, and you ALWAYS want to have a spare on hand. I only put enough insulin in my resevoir or cartridge to last the duration of each site change. It is nearly impossible not to waste some insulin with a pump.

I usually get two vials a month, but I had them only send me one this last time because I was getting ahead. My supplier calls me to see how it is going before they mail.

I usually change the reservoir, tubing, and catheter every three days. I have learned not to fill the reservoir clear up so I don’t waste a lot of Novolog. However, I am flexible about this regimen. For instance, We spent the weekend away from home at a grandson’s graduation. There was a lot of extra carbs so I used more insulin. The day before I was scheduled to change the set, my pump warned me that the reservoir was almost empty. I simply filled a new one, did a rewind after removing the old one, then stuck the new one in.

Two bottles of rapid-acting per month (with some leftover)

New infusion set every 72 hours although sometimes I go longer (unless there’s redness, stinging, itchiness). I’ve started marking the day a new set is due on the current set with permanent marker. Otherwise, I can’t remember when I inserted the darn thing.

New tubing and insulin cartridge roughly every 5 days (I’m planning to play closer attention during the hot summer months to see if I should put less insulin in the cartridge and change them more frequently.)

Jackie’s comment is making me wonder if I should do a bacteria culture of the tubing … :slight_smile:

I use about 2 1/2 bottles each month. My old insurance company were super sticklers for the 30 day rule thing so I just had my endo write the script to make sure I got 3 bottles. I change the set every 3 days (once in a while I forget and end up going an extra day), but I don’t change the reservoir until it’s needed. I fill it to 300 every time and use it until it’s done. Those usually last about 4 days or so.

I only use about 15-18 per day, and waste so much with one vial, that I pull the insulin out of insulin pens. I get 1500ml of insulin instead of 1000, and since I only have to open 1, 300 ml pen at a time, it lasts me way longer. It’s also easier to carry a couple of pen needles and the open pen in case of an emergency.

i go through one bottle in a month and a half i think. depending on if i haven’t had problems with levels and bubbles.

We use 3 a month, change whenever the resevoir is empty which is about every 3 days. We now have the best control ever… I wonder for how long :frowning: Puberty… I can see a rise in sugar when there’s about 20 units left - I do not know why - perhaps it is because the insulin is older.

I had my ENDO write my Rx for 3 vial/month. I use about 65 U/day, change my site every 2 1/2 days, and the cartridge when it runs out. I lose a couple of units with each cartridge change cause there’s usually a couple units left (not enough to cover the next meal) and there’s about 10 U in the infusion set tubing. I don’t always change the tubing when i change the cartridge though, only when the cartridge and site change line up in time. I hate to waste that 10 units. As a result i have a bunch of spare infusion set tubing hanging on a peg in my office. I’m saving them for some diabetic art project yet to be thought up. With all that, it leave me about a 500U margin each month which works out well in the long run. I have dropped vials and broke them, had insulin go bad from heat or some other unknown and I’ve not had to make an emergency call to the pharmacy to fill an order. Having some “spare” insulin is a must. Always better to have more than not enough.

I get 7 vails for 3 months–to cover primes and illness–have never run out this way (close once when I had a very bad sinnus infection)

I change site, tubing and resevoir every three days (skin doesn’t like it if I go longer) Have had to cahnge resevoir earlier a couple of times when I’ve been sick–amazing how much insulin you can run through when ill…

I get 9 bottles / 90 day refill, but I went through them in 4 1/2 - 5 months, so… maybe 1 1/2 to 2 bottles per month? I use 150u/3 days. The extra is if I get a bad bottle or lose some in a bad pod, etc…

I go through 2 vials in about a month and a half.

Thanks everyone this helps a lot = )

I go through about six bottles a month and change my cartridge out every 21 hours.