Pumping +1 Week

Has it been a week already? Are my BD syringes now feeling neglected now that I am pumping rather than pushing insulin? I am surprised that my move to the pump has gone so smoothly (knock on wood) and my numbers have had dramatically changed. A chart of my BGs looks much more clustered, rather than a financials chart for a mortgage conglomerate. I am not getting as many high-highs. I have, however, had a few unexplained low-lows in the late afternoon and 2 hours after dinner in the evening. I have a second follow up call scheduled later this afternoon to troubleshoot these with my CDE.

My fingers have grown tired by the multiples sticks a day I’ve done to check the progress of my basals and boluses throughout the day, night and unforeseen lows. Yesterday capped off at 12. I feel like I haven’t gotten much sleep. Test before I go to bed around midnight, up at 3 AM to test, then up at 6 when the kids get up.

My only real challenges are related to showering and my infusion set. For some reason, when it gets wet the edges peel up. I think that is what happened when my first set fell out last week. For the second one, I applied some med tape to the edges, and that worked. When I changed the site next and showered, I was careful not to bump it and dried the area around it, sticking it back down. As the adhesive dried, it re-fused to my skin and I haven't had any issues with it pulling up since it dried. This isn't a big deal now, but in the summer, I may need to use a "second skin" adhesive between the infusion set and my skin, so it has something more to stick to.

Shawn, it took me almost 6 months to figure out my basals so it sounds like you are doing great! I ended up with 5 dramatically different basal rates through the 24 hours.

Do you wipe with an alcohol swab just before you put in a new infusion set? I don’t even let the alcohol dry all the way when I change sets, and I don’t get curly edges unless I am really sweating. best of luck and keep up the good work with the testing!