Pumping 1st change at home

Hi All,

Today was the first day to change my infusion set and CGM sensor at home, hmmm its 0730 and BG check says 10.3 (185) a little high but that’s ok I guess (?). Take out the infusion set no problem a sticky stuff from the dressing is very sticky - anyone know of a good way of getting off your skin? - a little blood but great, now for the CGM the thing is great and does its job but the thought of taking it out let alone putting a fresh one scares me (well the needle scares me)... After a little frustration and anticipation its out and no blood – how cool does that feel !! Jump in the shower and a great shower to; not having to worry about knocking or pulling anything, dry-off and get ready for the next step.

Hmm which first!?! Infusion set or Sensor ??? Infusion as the needle is smaller – no problem all inserted ok made me jump with fright but nothing new there… Quick BG check 10.6 (191) understandable no insulin delivery for 40mins, continue with connecting the infusion set to the pump etc and all going well BG going up but a quick bolus should help?

Now the CGM for those of you that have one may understand me if I say the needle scares me and for those yet to get one its worth it in the end but for me at this moment in time all I can do is stare at it - no time for wasting – set it up and ready to go, press the plunger and I jump! the needle stops! Have way!! I faint – no not really but looking down I wanted too…… So I think I’m a woos get a grip Steve get a grip !! and I do pull it out and start again this time with great success and done and covered with IV3000 and ready to go…. Quick BG check 13.3 (239) hmmm what is up here??

Check the sensor too: it has a reading on the Isig of 59 – unsure what’s going on another BG check and its 17 (306), check Ketones – Normal range 0.2. So I call the Medtronic help line, they are great tell me that the sensor is fine its my BS that needs sorting – ‘you need to revert to hyperglycaemia protocol’ ok 2 unit bolus!!…Check the infusion set deliver a bolus disconnected and see all is well, hmmm an hour goes by and Check BG and they are going down now 11.2 (202), cool :0)

I have learnt today:

To bolus before making a change and not to be scared of the CGM needle (well, not as much, that is). Its now 1430 and BG’s are running at 7.2 (130)

The Isig it the enzyme in the sensor the higher the figure the higher the BG’s are likely to be…

On to tomorrow and Sunday the next change which I’m hoping will be faster and easier :o)