Pumping and Airport Security

Anyone have any funny/serious stories about being stopped in Airport Security with your pump/diabetes supplies?

The only time I’ve been stopped/flagged was because I was in a rush and didn’t notice that my pump cord was hanging out of my jeans.
Funny thing is that the other fliers kind of gave me weird looks, but the guy inquiring about it knew exactly what it was(his cousin was on the pump).

Other than that, I’ve had no issues flying with diabetes. You’ll get the occasional glance while checking your BG on the plane, but otherwise no problems.

I haven’t had any problems, but I try to use common sense… Usually the pump won’t set off the alarm but if I’m running at all late, I disconnect it and run it through the machine.

(I read recently this is not recommended but I’ve been doing it for years with no problems.)

The only other problem was the time I thought I was being a good diabetic by putting my meter in the seat pocket in front of me on a transatlantic overnight flight. I was groggy the next day and walked off the plane without it. Bought a cheap meter in the UK but had to look up how to do the mm to mg conversions.

I disconnect it and hold it in my hand when walking through security. If they ask what it is I have no problems letting them manually inspect it but I refuse to put it through any xray machines. I do go to the airport extra early before a flight just in case they give me any hassles.

i flew from Orange County CA to SF without any issues. SF airport uses full body scanning. I was patted down after the body scan but it may have been a random thing. I did notice they seem to be pulling out a fair number of people for additional pat downs

Hope this easys any worry.


I’ve never had any trouble at the airport, but I’ve had issues with other security. I wrote a blog about the craziness.

That’s just sick. I had an interesting experience at work during a routine security check…that was a whole other matter…but still…yours takes the cake!

Wow. A note form your doctor. Eighteen years ago I was told I need a note from my doctor. When I asked her about it she said she had not written a note in 15 years. I am thnkful for a little pat down.

I totally agree. There’s no way I’m disconnecting my pump to go through security.

it wasn’t exactly about the pump,since i am not pumping yet
but i had the most humiliating experience on the airport because Manchester airport forbidden holding liquids more than 100 mm ,stupid me forgot some wate colors ing the bag,i asked before about the insulin and they said no problem
okay,it’s my fault that i forgot the colors wich put me in a situation that made me look like a terrorist,they asked me weather or not i found the bag lying around or somebody gave it me,and then it turned out to be over a mere water colors
excuse me!i am diabetic,insulin is a hormone! i need those insulin coolers!i had two of them,i emptied the contents of one of them into the other,both of them contain liquid,she asked me about the empty one,i was in no mode to fight! i let her take it!
i thought it was worth mentioning since it’s kind of related ,hope it helps :slight_smile:

Here’s a discussion we had about this a while back.

the last time I flew, I stuck it in my pants waistband in the middle of my back, and I had no problems for the FIRST time. yea!

I actually ran into a screener who was a bit “over-educated” about the pump, I’d say. It was several years ago, and it was my first time flying (well second…it was the return flight) with the pump. I wasn’t sure if the pump was okay to go through the radiation screening, so on the way to my destination, I had taken it off and put it in the container that gets hand-screened, along with my meter (I’d brought a baggie just for this purpose)…no problem.

On the way back, I forgot to take the pump off before I got in line, and when I went to take it off, the screener started yelling at me…“No, No…you’re not supposed to take your pump off.” He made me get hand-wanded instead :frowning: