Pumping china


hi all,

Taking my pump to China this summer was an experience. 14 hours in the air left me dizzy and my butt semipermanently paralyzed. My “big plan” for a disaster was an extra AAA battery, a bottle of Lantus and a handful of syringes.

As far as international air travel goes – the flight was not exciting. The trip, on the other hand, was! The food was AWESOME, but exactly how do you count carbs for chicken feet, sharkfin soup, river fish and jellyfish, anyway??? It just ain’t in the calorie king book! I am an old hand at flying diabetes by the seat of my pants so the old “guess and see how you feel” method came in handy.

The dollar is so powerful there I truly felt like a millionaire. The night markets were an abbondanza of knock-off and pre-brand items from bug zapping tennis rackets to silk garments. I bought my sweetie a full length silk robe (starting price $50 negoitated down to $12), scarfs, fans, whatever. NYC has nothing on the night market but I missed the US every day I was there.

I bought a Siemens GSM phone that'll hook up to anybody's network, anywhere in the world, and it came in handy. I treated it like it was my last link to anyone I knew anywhere. Funny how you feel surrounded by strange people in a strange land. Disconnected. Edgy.

The trip was a blast and I am glad I had the opportunity to go, on the company’s dime, and see something truly far away. Japan air security (Tokyo) felt the need to inspect my insulin, (they were very efficient in telling me that insulin was OK onboard) and the TSA folks in Chicago and I had a very short discussion with me regarding my sharps, but nobody seemed to care about my pump (except for me). The paradigm 722 does not set off the metal detector but a handful of change certainly will!

Joe :-)


Thanks for sharing this story, man!!! THIS is what TuDiabetes is about, man… I am so happy you joined!


I have been to Japan - but not China. Oh so cool. I adore chinese food. I think they are always so nice b/c they are willing to change stuff and they usually offer vegetables galore. I adore mushrooms and beansprouts with ginger and chili and garlic spices. When my husband goes on trips I amke the same dinner in my Cinese wok every night. And think to be able to eat that stuff without cooking your self! And I love Chinese Art. I hope you picked up a scroll! Japan was so expensive! LUCKY DUCK! That is what you are.


Ni hao!
Loved reading this entry. I am an American living in Taiwan right now and I have to admit, I miss the States but it is interesting living here. I went to China last year on the company’s dime, too, and that was my first time in Asia (aside from India which is totally different). Anyway, I have a hard time calculating the food here, but do it by guesswork and feeling and am usually okay, but have started gaining weight so now I am cooking at home a lot more. They love the grease here in Taipei! Thanks for the share! I just finished one of those grueling flights a week ago, so I feel your pain! :slight_smile: You might like checking out my blog on diabetes and my life in Taiwan at http://amyliagrace.blogspot.com. Cheers!



You lucky guy you. We’re hoping to go back to China in 2009 and I CAN’T WAIT. It’s nice living vicariously through you!