Pumping Day 2: greetings from the land of grading

Last night and all of today has been full of getting my gradebook ready to turn in. My students are all officially graded. So, naturally, I have a student who asks politely if there is anything he can do to get his grade up to A range. He has an 88.61.

In the mean time, I am liking the alarms. I haven't forgotton to check my blood sugar at all today, which is good because I've been running high, which I'm not sure if it still is the party food combined with finally having the time to let myself get sick, or if it's the settings on the pump--probably both.

Doing the dishes was strange with the pump. I am one of those people who can't do the dishes without splashing myself across the waist, and so for the first few minutes, I was concentrating on whether I should move it somewhere so that I don't get it absolutely soaked. Yes, I know, I'm probably being silly, but this thing costs more than anything I've ever paid for in my life--more than two semester's tuition. I finally hooked it on the collar of my sweatshirt, but I'm going to have to reconsider it next time.

Ah well. Still, even though I'm running higher than normal, I've not been over 200, so I guess I'm doing okay.

So, that means, I should go back and look at my little student's paper--which he needs to pull from an 85 to a 94 to have any measurable affect on his grade.


"if you write a high-quality 15 page paper for Monday, I'll see if your B may turn into an A..."

I'm glad your pump is working. I totally understand the concern about wet and the cost. I was much more careful when I first got it but have lugged my pump all over the place and it seems fairly reliable. I put mine on my shirt collars a lot. I also have a solid chain for my diabetes guitar pick alert necklace and will clip it on that sometimes.

I still put my pump in my back pocket when I do dishes.. I'm a very messy dish washer!

Nah, I'm not that mean to my little freshmen--this last paper is only 750-1000 words. But I think he could have done it better. So, we'll see. The grades aren't due until 17 Dec, so he has time to rewrite. I mean, at 25 words/minute (yes, I'm going low end, it is composing, not transcribing, after all), 750 words = 30 minutes work. Which is probably the problem he had with the first draft.

The thing about it is, I lean against the sink when I do the dishes--which absolutely soaks my shirt, usually, because I'm a sloppy dish washer. I've been clipping it to my bra sometimes, but it's big enough that I'm not liking the look of that. I'm a bit worried about dressing for church thing, but I wear skirts more than I do dresses, so it should be okay.