Pumping day 5: entering yo-yo-ville

Well, I didn't do as much running around campus as I thought I would, but what I did was significant to drop me to 44. I treated, tested, and was up to 58, so I ate another mint, which was the wrong choice because the I was up at 205. Ah well. I probably should have dropped in a temp basal as soon as I decided to go and buy my textbooks at the little shop just off campus, which meant walking there and back again.

I woke up at a more reasonable number this morning--I was at about 115 instead of 150. So, maybe I don't have to adjust my basal, although I did go to sleep at around 1 and wake up at around six. I don't know. I need to check in the middle of the night, but I don't get enough sleep to begin with. I don't want to wake up and test.

On the plus side, my textbooks are all purchased for next semester. And I don't have to go in to school tomorrow. And so I can sleep. Or possibly do laundry.

In a related issue, I've discovered the virtues of wearing the pump in my bra. It has been irritating my old site--I'm not having any problems with the new site, but the old one is itching something awful--it was a bit sore around the edges of the site, and wearing the pump at my waist was just hitting it at the wrong place. Any suggestions for treatment?

I had a similar day yesterday (minus the bra and all that :D) My first day (round 2) with the Omnipod. Was 180 going into bed with 1.25 on board and woke up at around 3:30am (my usually low time) at 32 :\ Worked for an hour trying to get it back up and finally fell asleep when it hit 70. CGM woke my up an hour later and I was at 195 and going up so I took insulin to cover my "rescue" orange juice and cookie. Woke up at 7:30 at 302! Did another correction and I'm finally back down to 106 and steady. Hope things start working out for ya :D

You can get some cortisone cream at the pharmacy but I never really need to get any of that ( remember i was the one to tell you about my site being itchy ) it usually goes away in a couple days. Like I was telling you, every day is different due to,stress, activity, your period, diet, etc… So keep your basal the same for a while and change it when the nurse tells you to when she starts to see patterns. I keep my pump in my bra too and I found that I really like putting the injection site in my back. Above my hip but below my bra strap, on the side. It doesn’t get in the way of pulling my pants off and I don’t have to look at it all the time. It gives you more spots to try!

I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad day, too, Llama. I hope that yesterday went better. It's annoying to feel like a yoyo.

Renka, at this point, the place where my site was has this little ridge of skin in two places around the edge of where the adhesive was. I have an endo appointment today, and I'm going to see if she has any suggestions, but if she doesn't, I'm going to try a cortisol cream--it's actually looking worse than it did when I first changed the site.

Actually, that sounds like a plan--I mean, putting it on my back. I've been thinking arms or lower hips, just because I can reach them slightly easier, but I'm trying to avoid the stretch of skin around my waist where my pants rest. My only potential concern is , how easy is it to get to? I'm fairly flexible still, but twisting around isn't condusive to a good site change, I would have thought. Or do you mean in a line under the arm?

When I was refilling my resesevoir, I accidentally filled it with just enough for three days (I meant to fill it like I had the first time, but that was complicated) so it's alarming right now because I'm less than 20 units, so I'm going to change sites probably after my endo appointment, because I don't want the added stress before hand. Wish me luck.

Good luck, what kind of pump are you on? I’m on the animas ping. I fill my reservior all the way up. It’s so hard to figure out how much I will use for three days. S then what i do so I wont waste the insulin is I just refill the reservior to the top and don’t use the new one in the package. Does that make sense? I hope I explained it correctly.

For my site I guess you could say its in line knIndof ith my arm if I were to just hang my arm down but just a couple inches behind it, and a couple inches above my waist band. I’m not to thin or heavy just regular so there’s enough meat there. I wish I had a camera I’d take a picture… Good luck at the docs.

When I go to my nurse I always ask her to share little convenience secrets about the pump so that you can learn more. Another way I learned a lot more about the pump even after I had it for a while was to watch people on YouTube. People have lots of tips on there. Check it out.

Ps… Good luck!

I'm on a minimed revel. Do you mean kind of just below the ribs?

Yes just below the ribs. How was your appt? Mine was good…

Mine was good--she wants me on a statin (my dad had bad reactions to statins so I'm not inclined to go there) and an ace-inhibitor (never mind that I have consistantly low blood pressure when not in the doctor's office)
She did raise my night time basal by .025 from 10pm-6am, and we'll reevaluate with the pump trainer next Wednesday. I forgot to talk to her about modifying my test strips so I had some for my new contour link, but I can plug things into the meter. No problem.

That’s great!