Pumping Day Two

So, this is my second day of pumping my insulin. I'm doing well... I think. I had a low last night - not good - but I think I had some Lantus kicking around, so it was tough to know how to deal with it. I had no trouble changing the infusion site either. I was worried about that.

I can see two things that may annoy me in the future: (1) filling the pump resevoir - the seal around the resevoir "plunger" really doesn't seal out the air and (2) wearing the pump without having it be seen -- I mean, I'm ok with it being seen - I just don't want it to be a focal point. Most of my shirts hang over my belt so I have this big bulge sticking out of my side... or I clip it to my bra, but it's a little inconvenient when you want to bolus and you have to excuse yourself to go to the restroom.

I also had my first experience with the pump and having my students play dodge ball. I kept shielding my pump with my hands - just in case there was a stray ball. I didn't want my pump to go flying across the room. Luckily... the pump survived and so did I.

Hey Tracy,

I’ll try and give you some insight into your concerns.

  1. Air does get in while filling the reservoir. Keep a pen or pencil handy and tap it against the reservoir until the air bubbles rise to the top and then push them out into the vial of insulin. Also, make sure the insulin is at room temp when you go to fill the reservoir… you get a lot less air bubbles.

  2. I’m not sure if you read my reply to your blog from the other day, but I tried to give you some suggestions there. Obviously there are some major differences between where men and women can and can’t wear the pump inconspicuously. I use the remote to bolus for a meal when I am out, and that took a lot of getting used to. I have to set the pump to vibrate to be able to “feel” how much insulin I am giving myself.

As for a dodge ball hitting the pump… my 715 took a line drive baseball while I was playing first base (and not paying attention to the batter) and was completely unharmed.

Hopefully your nighttime low will be gone after your Lantus is used up, but if not you’ll have to contact your team about changing your overnight Basal rate.

Good luck.