Pumping, diabetes, and insulin gadgets

I remember seeing a photo of this product in another post, but I can’t remember which one, or on which forum.


I recently bought one of these, and I love it. I ordered the short one because I’m on Humalog, but it also has tall ones, and comes in green, pink, or blue!! I feel better about it bumping around in my “emergency kit”, read make-up bag, now. Also, I think I read something about someone being on vacation and dropping their insulin vial and it shattering?

I also took the advice of many members here and got a MultiClix. I just called them and told them I had heard wonderful things here, and they shipped me one. I actually didn’t believe it, but it is SO much less painful. I’d recommend it to anyone!!

I also ordered some pump pouches from an ebay store: http://stores.shop.ebay.com/PUMPN-IN-STYLE__W0QQ_armrsZ1 Her communication is awesome, and she custom made a few things for me, for dirt cheap. She does custom sizing and she even made me a special pouch for my bra, just by me describing that I wanted. which I LOVE. I ordered several things, and I had them in like 3-4 days.

No, I don’t work for any of these companies, but I like any product that makes my life easier, or gives me peace of mind. Any other things anyone would like to share?


Yeah she has some really cute pouches. I just bought the cord. camo pouch. Too cute. The insulin vial covers won’t fit my vials though, I use u500 and the vials are different.

I have that vial protector koozie thing and I LOVE it. I have the tall blue one for my Apidra. I toss it loose in my purse when I don’t want to carry my whole Omnipod zipper bag with me. And the Multiclix. OMG. Love it. Best lancet device I’ve ever used. I have one in my purse and one on my nightstand at all times.

My favorite pump cases ever are the Clip-N-Go’s, also available at Diabetes and More. I have it brown, black, and gray for my Cozmo (though I no longer wear a tubed pump). They custom size them for every tubed pump - Animas, Cozmo, Disetronic, and Minimed.

Also, I was in Staples the other day (don’t know if they have those everywhere - office supply store) and saw these great neoprene cases with clip rings. The small size would be perfect for all pumps and also fit my Freestyle Navigator receiver. The larger size fit my Omnipod PDM or would fit a Dexcom 7+ beautifully. I was impressed. They’re “universal cases” by a company called Omnitech.

Oooo. I like those! I’m a sucker for neoprene pump cases!!

Yeah multi-clix is the best I have found. I stick with it. NO PUN intended. HEHEHE