Pumping Insulin Edition 5 now out

I just received the following announcement from Diabetes Net:

Pumping Insulin, 5th Edition by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts

We're very pleased to announce that the 5th edition of Pumping
Insulin will be shipping within the next two weeks.

This edition has been totally revised and includes:

New ways to find the right insulin basal and bolus doses How to
stop highs and lows The DIA times that's best for you and your
pump A new chapter on secrets of your Bolus Calculator How to
effectively use bolus on board to prevent insulin stacking A
chapter on how to use a CGM with your pump Great info on using
Symlin, Byetta and Victoza with a pump Carb counting with over
300 carb percentages Chapters on pregnancy, children and teens,
and exercise Plus over 185 helpful tables, figures and examples

Pumping Insulin is now available at a special price of $19.55 (30
% off the cover price of $27.95), plus shipping ($3.50 media mail
, $5.50 Priority mail).

Order now! Call 800-988-4772 9 to 4 PST, Monday thru Friday, or
order securely online
[https://www.diabetesnet.com/dmall/product_info.php/preorder-pumping-insulin-5th-edition-p-922] .

Thanks Annabella ...very useful

I love "Pumping Insulin"! Great that they have included the CGM....I must order. I think I have the first edition somewhere, and this book has made all the difference for me.